FV is Global Health & Travel Awards’ Vietnam Hospital Of The Year 2017

This title of Hospital Of The Year 2017 in Vietnam was proudly presented to FV Hospital by a representative of The Global Health & Travel Awards on May 2017. This certificate recognises FV Hospital as having successfully provided Vietnamese people with world-class medical services in a safe, high quality medical environment.

Dr Dilshaad Ali, Project Development Executive, represented FV Hospital, was granted its award

The Global Health & Travel Awards (GHT) awards companies that have pushed boundaries to delight customers at every stage and in every interaction. The programme measures customer sentiment across various touch points and throughout the customer life cycle in various industries.

According to Mr Thomas Masterson, Co-founder and Editor In Chief of GHT Magazine in New York, USA, GHT has established a diversified panel which works diligently for more than one month to stringently assess award candidates. Initially, they collect reviews from magazine readers via email before forming a Panel of Industry Experts of six esteemed healthcare industry judges from around the globe. This committee nominates the ONE deserving healthcare centre from each country which satisfies a wide range of criteria: it must be a private hospital which provides medical tourism, the hospital not only provided excellent clinical outcomes but also went the extra mile on service levels as well as its patients who said they were extremely satisfied with the level of care they received.

Finally, at the last and also the most important step, GHT will collect votes from its consumer survey with approximately 10,000 responses across 12 countries. The list of finalists will then be submitted to the Panel of Industry Experts to assess and single out the most deserving hospital for this prestigious title.

Mr Varun Panjwani, CEO of Global Health & Travel in Singapore, undermined that the GHT Awards aims to be an effective measurement tool for businesses to benchmark themselves against industry standards and their peers.

For FV Hospital, this award is recognition for its ongoing efforts to improve service quality, and encouragement to continue to achieve its mission to be the leading healthcare provider in Asia.

Following the ceremony to present the certificate and medal to FV Hospital, the Global Health & Travel delegation paid an official visit to the hospital. The team included Mr Narender Panjwani, Managing Editor of GHT in Singapore; Mr Thomas Masterson, Publisher & Co-Founder of GHT in New York, and Ms Sally Lim, Sales Manager for South East Asia, from GHT Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The delegation was very impressed with FV Hospital’s cutting edge facilities, elegant design and friendly staff, commenting that FV easily measures up with, or even slightly outperforms, many leading hospitals in the region.

In an exciting moment, Mr Masterson revealed that GHT will write an article about FV Hospital. He expressed his hope to make more visits to FV Hospital and Vietnam – home of the “strong-tasting cups of joe” (Vietnamese coffee) that won him over.

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