FV Offers Discounts From Vnd 10,000,000 For Hemorrhoid Laser Surgery

Statistics reveal that more than half the population has hemorrhoids. Although this disease is not medically serious, it causes pain and inconvenience and can greatly impact a person’s quality of life, even though most sufferers usually ignore it until the disease progresses and causes complications.

Patients need not be afraid of seeking treatment. FV Hospital’s advanced hemorrhoid treatment via laser is almost painless and ensures a fast recovery. Plus, from now to December 31, 2018, FV is offering discounts of at least VND 10 million per surgery for the first 20 hemorrhoid laser surgeries performed at FV.

Advantages of this method include:

  • The location of hemorrhoids are determined with relative accuracy.
  • It does not affect or damage surrounding tissues.
  • There is minimal discomfort and no scarring.
  • No risk of anal stenosis complications.
  • Less bleeding after surgery than other treatment methods.
  • Effective treatment with limited risk of recurrence.
  • The procedure is relatively short with a quick recovery, and fewer risk of complications during and post-surgery.

Currently, laser is considered a relatively effective method for hemorrhoid treatment. This technique is available for patients with stage two or three hemorrhoids; some patients with stage four hemorrhoids can also be treated via this method.

When undergoing hemorrhoid treatment at FV, in addition to benefitting from the most advanced treatment techinologies, patients also experience international-standard services delivered by a team of professional doctors and nurses dedicated to ensuring their comfort and quick recovery.

For appointments and medical examination, please contact: General and Thoracic Surgery on 028 5411 3333, ext: 1250

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