FV, SNEC celebrate 10 years in partnership; Provide free cataract surgery for 47 patients

FV, the only Joint Commision International-accredited general hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, and the Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC) on November 4, 2016 celebrated their 10-year partnership for patients, and announce their free cataract surgery for 47 low-income patients from the Mekong Delta. 

To support patients with eye diseases from Vietnam and help them get access to advanced treatment for complex eye conditions such as retinal and corneal diseases, FV Hospital launched in 2006 its cooperation partnership with SNEC, one of the region’s leading eye hospitals. The patients are examined and receive doctor consultation at FV. Then doctors of FV and SNEC work together for group consultation and determine the disease level before concluding the treatment plan. FV provides support in flight schedule, closely monitors the course of treatment in Singapore, as well as provides post-operative care for patients. The comprehensive cooperation between the two hospitals also helps patients save costs in travel, accommodation and surgery. Over the past 10 years, almost 2,300 patients have been examined at FV by SNEC doctors and specialists, nearly 400 of them sent to SNEC for further follow-up and treatment.

FV Chief Executive Officer Dr Jean-Marcel Guillon said, “FV is proud of its ten-year track record of partnership performance while delivering the best treatment results. At the same time, we are focused on the next era of success for both sides and have significant plans to deliver further premium treatment to more patients. The Ophthalmology Department is one of the centres of excellence at FV, and our partnership with SNEC helps intensify this excellence.”

He added, “During these 10 years we became friends, 10 years is quite a long time, we know each other, we have now a very special relationship that is of the utmost importance to us and we are very happy and proud of working with such a group of talented ophthalmologists and great managers. By celebrating our partnership today, we are embarking on the next era of success for both FV and SNEC.”

Adjunct Associate Professor Edmund Wong, Deputy Medical Director (Clinical Services), SNEC, said: “This is the most successful and longest collaboration SNEC had with an overseas hospital. It is indeed a testimony to the warm and close collaborative relationship between SNEC and FV Hospital.  We are glad that this relationship has helped improved the ophthalmology service in the hospital, jointly educated the public about eye health and eye diseases,  and help preserved and restored the sight of FV Hospital’s patients.”

Patient Nguyen Thi Thanh Phuong in Ho Chi Minh City, whose retinal problems have been cured successfully at SNEC by Dr Edmund Wong, said she felt lucky getting treatment from the doctor and had shown her deep thanks to him.

The FV-SNEC partnership programme has also provided free cataract surgery for low-income patients in Vietnam, recovering their sight with our high standard services. On November 4-5, FV and SNEC doctors are going to make these operations for 47 low-income patients from the Mekong Delta at FV’s Ophthalmology Department. The patients were officially recognised by local authorities for not being affordable for cataract surgery, and were grouped together by Huong Sen Charity Clinic in An Giang province for their sight recovering trip to FV.

Patient Nguyen Thi Mai, 77 and living in Ho Chi Minh City, who had earlier received free cataract operation from the partnership at FV, said she was pleased with the surgery result. “I can see clearly now. My eyesight has recovered well.”

In addition to treatment and patient care, FV and SNEC have for 10 years joined hands in organise public seminars frequently to update and improve community knowledge about eye health and eye diseases. FV has also teamed up with SNEC in holding medical talks to introduce and discuss new treatment techniques for eye diseases to keep up with advancements across the world.

In celebration of embarking on the next era of success, FV and SNEC will maintain their joint efforts in support of more people in Vietnam.

FV Hospital has achieved world-class recognition of its achievements and commitment to excellence after being accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) on March 5, 2016. JCI is the premier credential for healthcare facilities, accredited hospitals receive the Gold Seal of Approval in recognition of their commitment to safety and quality of patient care and organisation management.

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