FVH paediatrics department extends consultation hours until 19:00

To meet the increasing demand for paediatric healthcare, from 1st October 2014, FVH’s Paediatrics Department will remain open to patients until 19:00 every weekday, from Monday to Friday. (The department formerly closed at 17:00.)

After 17:00, Paediatrics will continue providing services to both patients who schedule appointments and those who do not, with the exception of patients in need of vaccinations.

During these extended hours, there will be one pediatrician, a nurse, a medical secretary, a cashier and a staff member managing the Noisy Zone available to serve patients. If you require medicines, your medical prescription will be sent to the OPD Pharmacy and your medicines will be delivered to you at Paediatrics by a pharmacy staff member. This means that both parents and paediatric patients do not have to go to the OPD Pharmacy as in normal working hours.

Services provided during the extended working hours from 17.00 to 19.00 will incur additional charges while costs for scans, lab tests, imaging services and medications are charged according to current policy.

To schedule an appointment at the FVH Paediatrics Department, please call (08) 54 11 34 08 or (08) 54 11 33 33 or make an appointment online.

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