Hy Vong Cancer Care Centre Wins International Scientific Conference Award

In March, at the international scientific conference on cancer “ANZ User Meeting 2023” held in Australia, representative of FV Hospital’s Hy Vong Cancer Care Centre presented a report on SRS & SBRT radiotherapy techniques winning the “Best Poster Presentation” award.

Deep -inspirational breath- hold (DIBH) technique helps 84% of breast cancer patients reduce radiation dose

The conference was organized by Elekta Group (the world’s leading manufacturer of modern medical equipment) and Cancer Care Association (CCA), attracting the participation of many research delegations from countries such as Australia and New Zealand , Japan, Thailand and Vietnam.

Dr Nguyen Huynh Ha Thu – Oncologist and Mr Tran Anh Duong – Physicist, FV Hospital’s Hy Vong Cancer Care Centre delivered a presented about new cancer radiotherapy techniques deployed at FV Hospital (SBRT, SRS, TBI whole-body radiation therapy technique) as part of the presentation their poster about “Deep – inspirational breath- hold.” The DIBH technique during radiotherapy to the left breast helps to limit the impact on the coronary artery”; which is also the first scientific study on DIBH technique on Vietnamese patients. The presentation was highly appreciated by the world’s leading professors and doctors in the field of oncology and was awarded the “Best Poster Presentation” award.

Dr Nguyen Huynh Ha Thu received the “Best Poster Presentation” award by Elekta

Dr Nguyen Huynh Ha Thu – Hy Vong Cancer Care Centre, FV Hospital said that DIBH is a technique that helps reduce the radiation dose to the heart during radiation therapy for the left breast. When we take a deep breath, the lungs fill with air and separate the heart from the chest wall. The combination of irradiation with breath holding will help patients limit radiation exposure to the heart.

“At FV Hospital, this technique is utilised by our patients and it will takes about two hours to guide and support patients to practice. From 2020 untilnow, FV Hospital has applied and monitored DIBH for 51 patients, which is a large enough number of cases to evaluate the effectiveness of this technique” Dr Thu said.

According to the presentation, 84% of patients using this technique can reduce more than one Gy (mass unit of absorbed radiation dose) of absorbed radiation and 50% can reduce 2-4 Gy of absorbed radiation. Therefore, 84% of patients can prevent at least 7.4% of the risk of coronary heart disease, and 50% of patients can prevent 14-30% of the risk of coronary heart disease. This technique also increases the total lung volume of the patient.

According to Dr Thu, participating in international scientific conferences is an opportunity for Hy Vong Cancer Care Centre’s doctors to increase their professional knowledge, share experience, learn new techniques and connect with the international medical community. Dr Basma M’Barek – The “Captain” of Hy Vong, has always provided support to create these opportunities.

“Captain” of Hy Vong Cancer Care Centre – Always active in connecting the domestic and foreign medical community

FV’s Oncology Department is now an independent Cancer Care Centre named “Hope”. It was founded by the investment of millions of USD providing the upgrade in 2018 by the leadership of doctor from France – Dr Basma M’Barek. At that time, Dr Basma was the youngest Head of Oncology in a hospital in France.

Dr Basma M’Barek used to be a young head of the Oncology department with a bright future in France, but she came to Vietnam and joined FV

With the desire to bring advanced cancer treatment techniques to Vietnamese people. Patients could feel comfort receiving treatment for their diseases knowing that they have access to the most up-to-date medical technologies. Dr Basma chose FV after 18 years of working in France and Europe.

After more than 5 years working in Vietnam, Dr Basma has met and connected with colleagues at many public and private hospitals to learn and share knowledge and experience to bring the most effective treatment to cancer patients in Vietnam; including inviting international radiation therapists to Vietnam to share experiences at conferences on radiation therapy organized by FV Hospital. She participated in hundreds of reports at hospitals and Cancer Associations in Vietnam and has lectured at universities as a guest speaker as well as participated in authoring books about cancer treatment also.

With many years of experience in the field of oncology, Dr Basma M’Barek focuses on developing standard procedures for new techniques to increase treatment efficiency. She participates in many international scientific conferences and researches cancer treatment guidelines in advanced countries and adapted to her treatments in Vietnam. Thus allowing the Hy Vong Cancer Care Centre to successfully apply cancer treatment procedures according to the general standards of advanced countries.

Dr Basma joined “The 6th Vietnamese – French Open Blood Transfusion and Marrow Transplantation Congress” held in Binh Dinh 

Dr Basma also connects the network of doctors in France and Europe, India to participate in consultations with difficult cases, deploying many advanced treatment techniques such as VMAT, SBRT, SBS, TBI to bring more opportunities for successful treatment to Vietnamese patients. Hy Vong Cancer Care Centre always wants to bring a world-class healthcare environment for patients in Vietnam by applying modern medical techniques, updating new treatment trends in developed countries.

Dr Basma as a speaker in the break-out session“Building Personal Reputation and Networking in the Medical Community

During the FV 20th Anniversary Celebration “The Journey of Trust – To deliver world-class healthcare to Vietnam” on April 9th 2023, Dr Basma M’Barek will have a session “Building Personal Reputation and Networking in the Medical Community” to bring the most effective treatment to cancer patients.

FV Hospital organizes the FV 20th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION

Register here to join the FV 20th Anniversary Celebration at GEM Centre (8 Nguyen Binh Khiem, Dakao, District 1, HCMC) from 8:30 AM, April 9th, 2023. The event includes: Explore many booths and games, Photography & Film Gallery about FV, check-in around the luxurious space, join the inspring sessions and gala dinner with diva My Linh, singer Lan Nha, singer Cece Truong, MC Vinh Phu Pham, etc.

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