Impressions Of World Pharmacists Day At FV Hospital

At 1 pm on 25 September 2018, FV Hospital celebrated World Pharmacists Day with a ceremony at the Pharmacy Department, first floor, F Building.

Representatives of FV Hospital’s Board of Directors attended, including CEO Dr Jean-Marcel Guillon, Vice Director of Medicine Dr Henri Maries, and Human Resources Director Ms Phan Dieu Ha, as did more than 40 members of the Pharmacy Department, headed by Mr Mohd Fazli Shuib.

Dr Guillon chatted with each of the Department’s members, offering them congratulations and gifts from the Board of Directors, which were received with warmth and bright smiles. Many members of the FV’s Pharmacy staff have been with the hospital since its early days and spent more than ten years dispensing life-saving medicines. Joyfully, our pharmacists shared cake, a light meal and took photos together.

Dr Henri Maries, Vice Director of Medicine, appreciated the department’s excellent work: “The Pharmacy Department team is highly experienced and responsible. Mr Fazli Shuib is a friendly, approachable leader and FV’s doctors are very thankful for the support of the Pharmacy Department in the timely and effective provision of medicine and instruction regarding its use.”

Mr Mohd Fazli Shuib earnestly expressed:

I am deeply touched by today’s event – the day we pharmacists are recognised for our role and dedication to medicine. When it comes to the workings of a hospital, people often remember the doctors and forget about the pharmacists, although we both wear white coats. Many people do not know that the pharmacists offer backstage support to doctors.

Mrs Pham Ngoc Xuan Son, A pharmacist who has been with FV Hospital since its initial days, shared: “This is the second time FV Hospital has celebrated World Pharmacists Day. This time the event was held on a bigger scale, and I am very impressed with the attention the Board of Directors paid to us. The directors congratulated us and took the time to better understand the Department’s activities. There are more pharmacists applying to work at FV than ever before. I look forward to the further growth of the Pharmacy Department while receiving the attention of the Board.”

FV’s World Pharmacists Day celebration ended with tremendous fun and great memories. We look forward to the members of the Pharmacy Department continuing to strive in the workplace to further improve the safe use of medicine.

World Pharmacists Day is a great opportunity for everyone to learn more about the quiet contribution of our Pharmacy Department. This team overcomes numerous challenges to manage and dispense medicine for the whole hospital.

Let’s wish every member of the Pharmacy Department health, happiness, and every success in their personal lives and career!