Join the 10th ‘Give Blood – Give Hope’ Programme at FV Hospital

FV Hospital is ready to welcome volunteers for the 2023 2nd round of blood donations. With the thought that our contributions will support the community and patients in their treatment, FV Hospital continues our longstanding tradition by collaborating with the Blood Transfusion and Haematology Hospital to organise the 10th “Give Blood – Give Hope” programme.

The programme’s key message is to bring hope to patients. In addition, we believe that our volunteers will also find joy in providing the meaningful gift.

The 10th “Give Blood – Give Hope” programme is open to anyone who meets the requirements for blood donation as below:


  • 7h30-12h00, Friday – 21/07/2023


  • Auditorium, 3rd Floor – F Building, FV Hospital

Each participant will receive a gift including:

  • Cash travel expenses 50,000VND/person
  • Snacks + drinks on site
  • Certificate of Humanitarian Blood Donation
  • Canned milk


  • Blood donors between 18 and 60, healthy, over 45kg and not suffering from blood-borne infectious diseases, chronic or acute diseases of the respiratory and circulatory system
  • People who have been vaccinated for more than 14 days and those who are confirmed to have recovered from COVID-19 over 30 days
  • Blood donors must bring identification documents (ID/passport) and complete all information in the registration form at the blood donation area.

Notes before and after giving blood:


  • Do not stay up late and do not drink alcohol the night before blood donation.
  • Do not drive long distances, carry heavy loads, undertake manual labour or play strenuous sports on the day of blood collection or until you feel well.


  • Blood donors must bring their ID/passport when donating blood.
  • Have a snack (low protein, low fat); and drink plenty of water (300–500 ml) before donating blood.
  • Eat enough and drink plenty of water 24 hours after donating blood.
  • Lie down/sit down for 10 minutes after donating blood.
  • Squeeze the haemostatic cotton pad on injections site for 10 minutes, and keep the bandage in place for 4-6 hours.
  • Lie down with your head low and your legs elevated if you feel dizzy, tired, or nauseous.
  • Apply cold towels and ice if the injection site is swollen or bruised.