Master of otolaryngology works at FVH

Dr Bernard Colin, a specialist from France, will provide consultations and treatment for ear problems at FV Hospital as a rotating doctor from 6th to 17th November 2017.

Venue: FVH Otolaryngology Department

Dr Bernard Colin was formerly Head of Otolaryngology at St. Luc Hospital, Lyon, France. He has years of experience in surgical treatments for ear problems such as deafness, chronic otitis, punctured eardrums and otosclerosis – a genetic problem caused by stiffness of the ossicular chain, mainly in the stapes. Depending on the level of stiffness, the sound transmission to the eardrum will decline to a varying degree.

According to Dr Colin, otosclerosis is one of the most common ear problems that may lead to deafness, yet receives little attention.

Otosclerosis is common in women and progresses very slowly. Common symptoms include tinnitus and hearing impairment, beginning in one ear and gradually spreading to both ears.

Otosclerosis can lead to deafness as it worsens.  However, if treated early, the rate of recovery typically ranges from 85 per cent to 90 per cent with a very low rate of recurrence.  Unluckily, this problem receives little notice in its early stages. Dr Colin strongly recommends that patients consult a doctor immediately when they notice symptoms of hearing impairment or tinnitus.

“If you wait to experience serious deafness before you seek surgical treatment, treatment will be challenging and the outcome limited,” he says.

Through his visits to FV Hospital to provide his consultations and treatments here, Dr Bernard Colin has helped hundreds of patients suffering from long-term hearing loss or deafness regain their ability to hear.

To schedule an appointment with Dr Colin, please call (028) 54 11 34 41 or (028) 54 11 33 33, ext. 7711.