The skin can suffer a number of different issues, such as acne, dark spots, among others, which can greatly affect its appearance, leaving marks and scars. These conditions can cause sufferers to feel self-conscious throughout their lives. Staying up late, eating spicy food, or incorrectly cleaning the face are some of the main reasons for the skin disorder, seborrhoea. This, combined with a polluted environment can result in skin inflammation and festering.

Normally, people will first turn to cosmetic and medical products to treat acne due to their convenience and range. Taking care of the skin with just cosmetics alone may bring benefits to the surface of the skin, but it actually rarely solves the root of the problem, with users having to wait a long time to see any impact.

According to Dr Le Minh Chau, a senior consultant at FV Laser and Skin Clinic, the most effective way to take care of skin is by modern laser technology. Not only can the treatment provide successful results in a short time for those suffering from acne, but it also avoids many side effects compared to those found with using medications which attempt to reduce seborrhoea activity, inflammation etc. In addition, this approach can help sufferers in preventing dark spots and acne scars, which are difficult problems for many when recovering after using more traditional treatments. In such cases, as a result, for those suffering from acne, patients often must visit clinic centres for consultation from doctors to completely solve the problem.

Dr Le Minh Chau, senior consultant at FV Laser and Skin Clinic

The advantages of laser treatment at FV Laser and Skin Clinic:

  1. Skin regeneration is stimulated thanks to Fotona’s Frac 3 technology, which helps create a strong foundation for the skin to be ready for the next recovery steps. The beam from the laser will impact the deep, the middle, and the front layer of the skin as well as effect any aging areas, removing dead cells on the surface to bring patients perfect skin.
  2. Any bacteria which causes acne is eradicated, and any seborrhoea activity is reduced.
  3. Inflammation is also reduced, thereby limiting the formation of dark spots and scars.
Treatment Process for Acne at FV Laser and Skin Clinic
Treatment Process for Acne at FV Laser and Skin Clinic

When visiting FV Laser and Skin Clinic, patients will have their skin analysed using a Visia screening system. Following this, the doctor will diagnose and consult directly to the patient to provide a suitable treatment process based on their skin’s condition.

FV Laser and Skin Clinic is equipped with a number of new generation laser systems such as Fotona StarWalker and  Fotona XS Dynamic, and an experience team of doctors, to bring the very best results for the skin.

Working at FV Laser and Skin Clinic, Dr Le Minh Chau has many years of clinical experience specializing in skin problems such as acne, melasma, freckles, brown spots, and skin rejuvenation. Following direct consultations with customers, through using modern technological treatments, Dr Le Minh Chau will provide solutions for a range of skin problems to help customers overcome any insecurities. Knowing the importance of having healthy skin, Dr Le Minh Chau always dedicates a lot of time for consultations and ensures she provides the most suitable and effective treatment for her customers, all to bring back their perfect skin.

From July 1st to August 31st, 2020, FV Skin & Laser Clinic is offering customers a discount of up to 20% for skin and laser services.

(*) Terms and Conditions:

– Unlimited quantity – Purchased Services are valid within 1 year.

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