More than 3,000 Guests Join ‘FV 20-Year Journey of Trust’ Anniversary Celebration

FV Hospital marked the two-decade milestone of its commitment to Deliver World-class Healthcare to Vietnam with the “FV 20-Year Journey Of Trust” Anniversary Celebration, attracting more than 3,000 visitors. On this occasion, FV raised nearly VND 1.5 billion for The Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund.

A monumental, colourful and emotional anniversary celebration

On 9th April 2023, the celebration “FV 20-Year Journey Of Trust” took place successfully at Gem Centre and included memorable activities which made a special impression on more than 3,000 visitors.

The celebration space had been designed like a train, symbolising FV Hospital’s 20-year sustainability journey. When boarding the FV Train, visitors could look back on our journey through a photography and film gallery which shows the development of the hospital from its beginnings as a medical facility constructed in the middle of a little-known swamp in Nam Sai Gon to today’s expansive FV Group ecosystem which includes JCI-accredited FV Hospital, FV Saigon Clinic, four ACC Chiropractic Clinics, and a FV Representative Office in Cambodia.

Many visitors experience FV’s 20-year train

On this special occasion, FV Hospital was honoured to receive flowers and congratulations from Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh and Minister of Health Dao Hong Lan. Vice Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee, Mr Duong Anh Duc, and Director of the Department of Medical Service Administration, Dr Luong Ngoc Khue, both attended in person and gave a congratulatory speech.

Director of the Department of Medical Service Administration Dr Luong Ngoc Khue shared his appreciation of FV’s accomplishments as the first 100 per cent foreign-invested hospital in Vietnam. FV is one of six top hospitals across Viet Nam accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI), a US-based organisation which assesses healthcare centres according to international quality standards.

Vice Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee Mr Duong Anh Duc acknowledged the contributions and achievements of FV Hospital’s team in recent years. He noted in his speech how this private hospital can be trusted to deliver world-class healthcare standards.

Mr Duong Anh Duc was delighted to know that, while most of FV’s key positions were staffed by foreign doctors in the early days of the hospital’s establishment, now most of the leading positions of Department Head and Deputy Head of 36 specialties are staffed by Vietnamese doctors. FV’s current Medical Director is also a Vietnamese doctor. This evolution shows that FV has facilitated the transfer of technology and expertise from global experts to Vietnamese medical teams.

FV Hospital’s CEO Dr Jean-Marcel Guillon thanked the Government, the Ministry of Health, the authorities of Ho Chi Minh City and many other provinces, and other hospitals and partners for supporting and accompanying FV Hospital from project implementation to today.

“Along with Vietnam’s amazing growth rate over the past two decades, FV Hospital has also undergone an impressive transformation. We have always kept our core values and will do even better on the journey ahead.” says Dr Guillon.

FV’s CEO also delivered a comprehensive and emotional overview of the 20-year journey to build and develop FV Hospital, making an impression on thousands of attendees.

Delegates perform the ceremony to launch a new journey for the “FV train”

During the “FV 20-Year Journey of Trust” Anniversary Celebration, a series of afternoon seminars covered more than 20 topics around FV’s practical experience in different specialties. The seminars were conducted by members of the Board of Directors and senior management team at FV, along with many speakers who have experience in related fields.

A series of seminars were well attended and received by the medical community

Many topics received great attention from experts such as: legislation in hospitals, handling communication crises in healthcare, networking in the medical community, risk management in medical facilities, and operating data management systems in the hospital. Many attendees shared that this is the first time they have attended a series of seminars with useful and practical information related to the medical field.

The Doctor’s Oscars is an special event that takes place during the Gala Dinner

In the evening, more than 1,000 FV Hospital staff and guests attended a grand Gala Dinner. Guests were wowed by impressive performances from the FV team alongside famous artists in the entertainment industry, including diva My Linh, singer Lan Nha, and singer Cece Truong. The party was also an emotional one for FV Family as everyone looked back on the years spent working together and honoured the 88 team members who have been with FV for two decades.

FV Family looks back on our 20-Year Journey together during the colourful Gala Dinner  

During the Gala Dinner, the Board of Directors of FV Hospital presented Doctor’s Oscars to celebrate the talents and medical ethics of FV’s doctors. This fun awards ceremony was both exciting and emotional for FV staff and our guests.

FV Hospital donates nearly VND 1.5 billion to the Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund

“FV 20-Year Journey of Trust” Anniversary Celebration was sponsored and supported by many close partners who pledged a total of VND 1.3 billion. This amount is gradually being fully transferred to FV’s bank account.

To maximise the impact of the support of our partners become more meaningful, FV’s Board of Directors decided to donate the full amount to the Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund.

Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund team members at the “FV 20-Year Journey of Trust” Anniversary’s seminar session.

The Fund’s bank account received an additional VND 150 million from individuals and organisations from FV’s announcement to contribute to the Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund instead of sending flowers and congratulatory gifts for FV’s 20-Year Celebration.

The total amount that FV received for The Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund is VND 1,450,000,000.

The Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund was founded and sponsored by FV Hospital in 2006 to provide surgical treatment for underprivileged children under 16 years of age who had physical malformations due to accidents or birth defects.

With the money raised from “FV 20-Year Journey of Trust”, more children in difficult circumstances will have the opportunity to be treated and look forward to a brighter future.

FV Hospital and The Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund would like to send our sincerest thanks and best wishes to our partners, sponsors, companions and benefactors: HBP Project Management Co. Ltd., Elekta Co. Ltd., Siemens Vietnam Company, Viet My Medical, iMED Medical Equipment Co. Ltd., Dräger Vietnam Co. Ltd., Philips Vietnam Co. Ltd., Elsevier B.V.l., Vien Phat Import-Export Trading-Service Joint Stock Company, C.P.V Co. Ltd., Bao Viet Company in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Tin Security Service Co. Ltd., Anh Khoa Medical Equipment Co. Ltd., Vietmedical Joint Stock Company, Paramount Bed Vietnam Co. Ltd., Nestlé Vietnam Co. Ltd., Minh Chuong Construction Co. Ltd., Hyphens Pharma Pte, Indochina Trails of Indochina Co. Ltd.