For men, penis size issues can be a significant problem, with those who feel that they have a smaller than average sized penis, feeling unconfident and insecure. This issue can affect men from all walks of life and not only in their dating and sexual lives, but also more generally affect a man’s confidence in day to day life.

What is the standard penis size?

Typically, men do not know whether their penises are smaller or bigger than the standard size as the topic is rarely discussed openly. According to research, however, penis size depends on genetic factors, nutrition, and the habitus of each person. Commonly, the average size of a penis is 9.16cm long and reaches 13.12cm when it is erect.

Men who are not happy with the size of their penis, often try and find methods to increase it. In the past, penis enlargement surgery was performed by cutting ligaments which suspend the penis or injecting autotelic fat. Cutting ligaments through surgery can help to lengthen the penis by approximately 4cm, however, this method does not ensure the aesthetic appearance and leads to more time being required to get an erection when having sexual intercourse.

Doctor Vinh Lam Vien, FV Lifestyle Clinic, FV Hospital

The autotelic fat injection, the second former method, also has some disadvantages. Usually it distributes inhomogeneously, creating lumps, and the fat injected will dilute and disappear rapidly. An autotelic fat injection can also have some side-effects such as causing scars, an unstable erection, loss of sensation during sex, impotence or difficulty in reaching an orgasm.

These days, a modern filler injection method is the preferred approach, bringing many advantages. According to Dr Vinh Lam Vien, FV Lifestyle Clinic, FV Hospital, if patients choose a filler injection, within 60 minutes, they will have the penis size and shape they want without the need for surgery, any pain, nor complications.

Safe penoplasty for men with filler

Depending on the skin area and the reachable size, doctors will offer consultations to choose a type of filler as well as the injecting unit. Typically, it will be 15 to 20 filler tubes in average and 1cc each. The filler will be injected at the top, middle, and bottom of the penis.

The duration of injecting filler through the skin by a small needle is approximately 60 minutes. While the procedure will be painless, it may be a little uncomfortable. After the filler injection, patients will be able to urinate normally, and after one day, they will be able to clean the penis as normal. After two to three days, patients should apply cream and massage under the doctors’ instructions, and seven days after the filler injection, patients will be able to have sexual intercourse normally. Sexual ability depends on male hormones, so this filler injection method does not affect this ability. However, penis enlargement can restrict premature ejaculation because the nerves become covered with filler.

Penis enlargement with filler injection is safe and advantageous

Injecting the filler in the right way is very safe and does not affect the surrounding nerves and blood vessels so the frequency and level of sexual activity will not be affected. Any scars from the procedure can be restricted at each injecting position depending on the doctors’ injection method. In some cases, a patient’s partner can realize the difference so the intercourse will become more sublimate . Generally, the procedure can help patients to be more confident with their partner during sexual intercourse.

Sexual intercourse is a method of massage to spread out the filler and restrict accidents such as leaking. It will be painless and has a harmonious proportion so patients can completely feel secure about this penis enlargement method.

Warnings of penis enlargement

Doctors should note that injecting filler too much at the same time can cause aches and pains, blood obstructions, necrosis, etc. Therefore, customers need to avoid being impatient when having their penis enlarged and should have injections moderately and suitably for their health.

After the injection, filler can be used within 1.5 to 2 years which then gradually disintegrates. When the penis can adapt to it and surrounding skin dilates, more filler can then be injected. Filler injections to the penis can be performed several times, but it should be six months to one year between each procedure to ensure safety.

After the injection, if customers demand, doctors can remove the amount of filler from the penis through a natural mechanism without the need for surgery.

Is there any age limit for filler injection?

Men who are over the age of 18 can undergo the filler injection method. There is no age maximum limit with men who are even 85 years old being able to benefit from the procedure. Filler injection does not cure penis malformation but can improve the penis’s length, perimeter and help them to be thicker, which makes men more confident.

Men, especially young men, should be careful and avoid searching for such information on the internet and then buying filler to inject themselves. This can be very dangerous. Using filler from unknown sources or buying it from non-licensed centres, where doctors are not well-trained, can cause some serious complications. There are some cases of the penis needing to be removed due to serious necrosis.

Doctor Vinh Lam Vien is a renowned cosmetics specialist with over 30 years of experience in the US and more than 10 years in Vietnam in the field of aesthetics and beauty care.

His experience, fore knowledge of trends and understanding of values and viewpoints of Eurasian beauty enables Dr Vinh Lam Vien to specialize in helping patients to maintain their youthfulness through anti-aging treatments, cosmetics and plastic surgery. His specialties include Botox and filter injections, and non-invasive anti-aging treatments.

Dr Vinh Lam Vien graduated from the University of Medicine in Brussels, Belgium, before studying General Surgery at Central Washington Hospital & Clinics (USA) and undertaking specialist certification in Plastic Surgery at George Washington University and New York University (USA). In 2017, Dr Vinh Lam Vien received training in the Ultra V-lift technique, he also was a member of IFAAS (International Fellowship Advanced Aesthetic Service) and translated Mesotherapy Techniques (Jacques Lecoz) from French to English.

FV Lifestyle Clinic, situated directly under FV Hospital, with its large number of experienced aesthetic doctors, can offer consultations in choosing beautifying methods suitable for every line in the body and help patients to have natural and perfect beauty for themselves.

With the precept “It’s you but more beautiful”, FV Lifestyle affirms our prestige through successful cases of plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery which require caution and high qualification. These include; liposuction, breast augmentation, creating body lines, skin rejuvenation, Botox or filler injection, etc. In addition, FV Lifestyle has exclusive technology with top products which have international prestigious accreditation (US FDA, CE marking, etc.)

The most outstanding feature of FV Lifestyle Clinic is that effective pain management during and after surgery is applied to not only liposuction but also other aesthetic services (breast augmentation, nose lift, sagging muscles lift, body rejuvenation, etc.). Moreover, FV’s doctors, with their extensive experience, respect the particular beauty of each customer, and seriously obey the safety processes, following JCI international standards. Such an approach ensures FV Lifestyle provides the upmost safety and comfort for all its customers.

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