Notice: Making Health Declaration at FV Hospital

Dear patients and visitors,

Upon instructions from the Ministry of Health, everyone entering a healthcare facility must complete a Health Declaration, please follow the instruction below:

  1. Go to or scan with your mobile phone the QR code below to access it.
  2. Complete the form (shown below), then submit
  3. You will receive a confirmation with a QR code
  4. Take a screenshot of this QR code.
  5. Upon arrival to FV Hospital or FV Saigon Clinic show your QR code to the security staff at the Screening Booth. They will use a bar-code reader to display your health declaration form on their computer and will let you in
  6. The declaration is only valid 24 hours which means if you have to come back another day to the hospital or the clinic you will have fill/ update your declaration form again or just show the QR code of the last form you submitted to our screening staff at the gate who will help you update your form and let you in

Hand washing before entering the facility and mask wearing inside the facility are mandatory

We thank you for your cooperation

FV Hospital Management

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