Now open: FV health check-up centre

Book a health check-up service at FV’s Check-up Centre from 15th June 2015 to 15 September 2015 and receive a 10% discount voucher redeemable against another check-up for your friends or family members. This voucher is valid for six months from the date of release.

After undergoing a full renovation, FV’s Check-up Centre officially opened its doors to patients on 15th May 2015.

Featuring advanced technology and amenities within  cosy setting, the new Check-up Centre offers a closed check-up procedure to minimise patient waiting times.

It is no longer necessary to fly to Singapore or Thailand to receive a health check-up –FV Hospital’s one-stop Check up Centre offers a range of comprehensive health check-up programmes, ranging from essential  to highly specialised, to meet your check-up needs and those of your family.

Whatever your age, sex, risk factors, family history and individual budget, you will find the right check-up programme for you from our range of packages.

FV’s Health Check-up Centre procedure comprises four steps:

  1. Registration: Select and register for the appropriate health check-up at our Receipt Counter.
  2. Vital sign testing: vision check, electrocardiogram, collection of  blood and specimen sample (urine or stool) at the Nursing Room.
  1. Imaging investigation: chest X-ray, ultrasound and bone mineral density test) at the Imaging Area.
  2. Consultation with doctors.

* Complimentary Café de Paris coupons

While receiving a Comprehensive or Wellness Check-up programme, you will be offered a coupon for fresh fruits, pastries and a drink at Café de Paris. This will help you to recover your energy after undergoing tests.

* VIP Lounge

In the comfortable and private environment of our VIP Lounge, you can relax with books, newspapers and magazines, watch TV and surf the internet for free while enjoying a cup of tea or coffee and pastries. We also provide nursing care and blood collection, as well as consultations with General Practitioner, in the VIP Lounge.

To schedule a health check-up appointment, please contact FV Hospital Check-up Service Desk: (08) 54 11 36 60 or 54 11 33 33, ext. 1260. To book a consultation, please call (08) 62 91 11 67

To ensure the accuracy of these biological tests, please do not eat or drink anything other than water for eight hours immediately prior to your check-up.

Working hours are from 07:30 to 12:00 and from 13:00 to 17:00.

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