Liposuction is commonly considered as an effective solution to reduce localized areas of unwanted excessive fat. Especially in cases where exercise, diets, and even slimming medication have failed to achieve the desired goals. Many people do question the procedure though, wondering  whether  liposuction is painful, who can undergo the surgery, and, does the excessive fat easily appear again? While liposuction is popular, such issues are common concerns for men and women before deciding to undergo the process.

Being an invasive surgical procedure,   liposuction is often believed to be painful and safety is a big concern. From customers who have undergone treatment at FV Lifestyle, however, most of them feel the opposite, remarking  that “it is a bit painful or completely painless”. One example is the case of Mr V.T.K, a 37 year old man from District 3 in HCMC. Mr V.T.K. had had a “beer belly” for many years and decided to undergo abdominal liposuction to have a firmer body. During the procedure, thanks to the anaesthesia provided by the doctor, it was not painful at all. Mr V.T.K. did encounter a little pain during his recovery, when he laughed or coughed, however still, due to his slimmer figure, his confidence and outlook on life had improved considerably.

Painless liposuction and rapid recovery

As Doctor Philippe Maxant, Head of the Plastic Surgery & Cosmetology Department in FV Lifestyle Clinic (directly under FV Hospital), explains, painless liposuction may seem impossible, but thanks to  FV Lifestyle’s exclusive multimodal pain relief method,  pain is reduced to a minimum. FV Lifestyle understands the importance of effective pain management and how it affects positively towards a patients’ recovery.

Doctor Philippe Maxant – Head of FV Lifestyle Clinic – FV Hospital

In addition, where liposuction differs at FV Lifestyle Clinic is the use of advanced endoscopic liposuction technology with maximum scar reduction. As an example, Doctor Philippe Maxant shares that, at FV Lifestyle, the latest generation of the Vaser Machine is used, instead of current Body Z technology, to bring more outstanding results. With this technology, the incisions are very small (1 to 2 mm), not continuous, and are hidden under natural folds.  Fat cells in deep fat layers and surfaces are then sucked out through smooth catheters that are threaded through layers of subcutaneous tissue. These are then monitored to avoid touching nerves and blood vessels. Coupled with the skilful and meticulous approach by FV Lifestyle’s doctors, this technology helps the skin tighten after the liposuction, tone the underlying tissues, and shape the muscles more prominently.

Advanced technology, post-operative care brings optimal aesthetic results

Such advanced techniques also allow FV Lifestyle to apply liposuction to numerous body areas. These include: chin, face, abdomen, hips, thighs, knees, calves, ankles and upper arms. Depending on the amount of fat needed to be removed and the areas of the body being treated, liposuction can be performed either under local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia. The duration of the procedure can vary from 20 minutes to 3 hours.

After the surgery, there will be swelling and bruising in the treated areas which will disappear approximately 10 to 20 days after. Customers can go back to their usual activities between three to six days after the procedure. However, fatigue is common in the first few post-operative days, especially after large liposuction procedures. After liposuction, the body loses a lot of water so it is advised that patients should drink 2 to 2.5 litres of water every day to help blood to circulate around the body. In addition, stimulants should not be used such as alcohol in the first two weeks, and more vegetables and fruits abundantly containing vitamin C should be eaten to help the body raise resistance and shorten the recovery time.

Patients must also follow doctors’ instructions and regularly change their bandages to avoid any infections, especially in the positions where the cannulas (tubes) were placed during the procedure. In cases where those positions are red, swelled and healing is slow, patients should undergo a follow-up examination. Resisting to touch the wounds by hands is also very important as bacteria can attack and affect the aesthetic results or infect the wound. After liposuction, patients should wear corsets in the first two weeks to form the abdomen, which rapidly helps the recovery and preserves the desired slim waist. Patients can play sport and have sexual intercourse after three weeks from the procedure. Between three to six months after the surgery, the skin will have completely tightened with new lines and the body will become well-proportioned as desired by the patient.

Fat cells are difficult to regenerate

One issue many people are concerned about is whether liposuction results can be maintained permanently. As fat cells cannot be produced by themselves, the process of assembling fat depends on daily activities, diets, and other practices. If a patient drinks a lot of alcohol, has an unhealthy diet and does not do much exercise, excessive energy will convert into fat. This fat can build up on the abdomen, calves, upper arms, chin, among other areas. If patients maintain a healthy lifestyle after liposuction, however, the regeneration of fat cells can be prevented.

FV Lifestyle Clinic is directly under FV Hospital and led by Dr Philippe Maxant, a specialist in plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery from France. He has gained more than 35 years of experience within the field of plastic surgery, and was the former Head of the Plastic Surgery Department at Nancy University Hospital (France), a Senior Consultant at 9th People’s Hospital (Shanghai) and at Jean Villar Hospital (France).

In addition to liposuction, FV Lifestyle Clinic has many other services, such as; creating a S-line nose and V-line chin, breast augmentation, abdominoplasty, and non-surgical aesthetics: skin rejuvenation, facial contouring with thread, Botox, filler, laser, among others. In addition, FV Lifestyle has exclusive technology with top products which have international prestigious accreditation (US FDA, CE marking, etc.)

The most outstanding feature of FV Lifestyle Clinic is that effective pain management during and after surgery is applied to not only liposuction but also other aesthetic services (breast augmentation, nose lift, sagging muscles lift, body rejuvenation, etc.). Moreover, FV’s doctors, with their extensive experience, respect the particular beauty of each customer, and seriously obey the safety processes, following JCI international standards. Such an approach ensures FV Lifestyle provides the upmost safety and comfort for all its customers.

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