From 22 January 2014 to 24 January 2014, Dr. Pierre Coulon, an eye specialist from France, will offer consultation and cosmetics services to patients at FV Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology (Lifestyle Clinic).
With over 20 years of experience in plastic surgery, he is an expert in many disciplines:

1. Plastic surgeries to correct eyelid problems, such as removing bags of fat near the eyes with no scars, no stitches and a short recovery time; creating eyelids suitable for Asian people; and eye reconstruction surgeries for patients with dissimilar eyelids because of congenital or accident-related eyelid abnormalities.

2. Removal of crow’s feet at the eyes, baggy eyelids and lines around the forehead, nose, mouth and neck.

3. Treatment for facial dystonia or facial muscle contractions such as blepharospasm (uncontrolled eyelid muscle contraction), hemifacial spasm (involuntary facial muscle contraction on one side of the face), generalised facial dystonia (involuntary facial muscle contraction over the whole face), bruxism (teeth-grinding), Bell’s palsy (a form of facial paralysis resulting from damage to the seventh cranial nerve), and Meige’s syndrome (uncontrolled muscle contraction of the eyelid and cheek area) using Botox, a substance that helps to reduce muscle spasms and contractions.

Dr. Pierre Coulon is an expert at injecting Botox into affected areas to treat problems completely or to reduce over-contraction of the muscles. The Botox procedure causes no pain, takes around 10 minutes to perform and has instant results that last for around six months. After undergoing this procedure, patients are extremely satisfied with their treatment results

Plus, FV Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology is now offering a discount of 50% on Dr. Pierre Coulon examination and consultation service fees, so why wait?

To make an appointment or book a consultation with Dr. Pierre Coulon, please contact us by calling at (08) 5411 3366 or (08) 5411 3333, Ext. 7000; or book an appointment online.


Located on the second floor of FVH’s new five-star Consultation Centre, the Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology offers a new standard of comprehensive health and beauty care, including skincare, anti-aging, plastic surgery and dietician services. Here, you can enjoy world-class services at a facility that unifies contemporary architecture, stylish decor and custom-designed interiors with the functions of a five-star international hospital. While waiting, you can enjoy complimentary coffee, cake, refreshments and free Wifi internet. At the FV Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology, we pride ourselves on our ability to cater to each individual and listen to the specific needs of each patient.

We guarantee that you will receive premium services in the utmost comfort and that you will be satisfied with the treatment results. Our highly trained and board certified surgeons have the experience and the skills to provide aesthetic transformations for both male and female patients. Additionally, we have strong links with professional French plastic surgeons and experts, each of whom works at FV Hospital for around two weeks every year.

Highest standards of aseptic environment and safety:

  • All procedures, from medical consultation and surgery to post-surgical care, are performed in one hospital setting: FV Hospital.
  • The patient will receive professional and dedicated care from experienced surgeons and nursing staff from the moment they are admitted to when they are discharged.
  • We provide state-of-the-art facilities and advanced medical equipment and apply the highest standards of aseptic operating theatres and environments.

Complete confidentiality

FV Hospital has strict and comprehensive confidentiality policies in place, which means that every patient can enjoy complete peace of mind.