Restore your eyesight with the world’s leading corneal specialist at FV

In order to provide the opportunity to cure corneal diseases, from 26 to 28 January 2018, Prof. Donald Tan from Singapore, former President of the World Corneal Society, will personally visit and perform corneal transplant surgery for patients at FV Hospital.

Since the first corneal transplantation surgery for patient at FV in May 2016, every 2 months, Prof. Donald Tan has a regular visit and treatment at FV to provide the opportunity to restore eyesight for patients with corneal problems.

Prof.Donald Tan is the world’s leading expert in the treatment of corneal diseases. He is considered as a master of advanced corneal transplants to help patients restore their eyesight, including the “Tooth-in-eye” method to save people with severe corneal damage. He is also worldwide famous for his researches and applications of the most advanced and comprehensive techniques for corneal transplants such as: internal corneal implantation, ocular surface reconstruction, cataract surgery and artificial cornea (keratoprosthesis) surgery.

In particular, the method of partial corneal transplantation (replacing only damaged corneal layers and sustaining normal corneal layers) will reduce the complications, increase the successful rate of the surgery up to 98% and result in restoring better vision than normal corneal surgery’s performance.

With corneal resources imported from major eye banks in the US and Singapore, where is well-known for having the best corneal process and preservation in the world, FV is committed to bringing for patients the more beneficial and affordable treatments compared to those conducted in foreign countries. After the surgery, the patients will continue to be taken care of by FV team of ophthalmologists.

To schedule an appointment with Prof. Donald Tan, please call FV Hospital Eye and Refractive Surgery Department via (028) 5411 3333, extension 2000.
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