‘The economic power of care’ – FV Hospital congratulates International Nurses’ Day 2024

At noon on 13th May 2024, at FV Hospital, the atmosphere was lively and full of enthusiasm for a very important event – International Nurses’ Day 2024 – was being celebrated. With a workforce of over 500 nurses and technicians, they constitute the largest and most vital force in healthcare delivery at FV.

Nursing development is economic development

Opening the programme, Nursing Director, Ms Lee Poh Lian (Pauline), recounted the important milestones in the history of the nursing profession, thereby honouring the contributions of staff in providing healthcare to the community. “I deeply appreciate the contributions of the nursing team, especially during times when we faced significant staff shortages,” Pauline shared.

Ms Pauline hopes that with this year’s theme, the nursing industry will receive more attention

Representing the our doctors, Medical Director, Dr Do Trong Khanh, expressed his emotions through the dedicated efforts of the nurses in the film “Never See You Again” produced by FV Hospital. Dr Khanh emphasised, “The confidence in your work and the sense of responsibility of our nurses have contributed to the success of a JCI-accredited hospital and the health of patients.” He praised the nursing staff at FV for their meticulous medical record documentation, which he considered top-notch in Vietnam. He also affirmed that he has learned a lot and received much support from the professionalism of the nurses.

In the role of a family member, the dedication and professionalism of the FV nurses are what Dr Khanh has noticed.

With the theme “The economic power of care”, both Ms Pauline and Dr Khanh shared profound insights into the crucial role of the nursing industry in promoting economic development and building a healthy community. The speeches also emphasised the significance of this year’s theme, focusing on improving the economic status of nurses, investing in and upgrading their working environment, which will bring about positive changes to the economy of a community or even a region.

A highlight of the annual commemorative events is the image of the nursing team reciting the “Nurse’s Pledge.” This year, Head Nurse of A&E Department, Mr Pham Minh Thi, once again reiterated the guiding principle of the FV nursing team – the “pledge” towards the benefit of patients and the noble value of the nursing profession.

The nurses collectively reiterated the noble “Nurse’s Pledge” of the nursing profession.

The memorable day was filled with many emotions.

Continuing the programme, Ms Nguyen Thi Ngoc Giau (Nurse of Medical Ward – East Wing), with a heartfelt voice, described her 10-year journey pursuing her career. Perhaps this is one of the most touching and relatable sessions regarding the difficulties and challenges that nurses often face. Giau also contributed thoughtful verses in the work “The Happiness of Nurses” by author Nguyen Minh Quang, on this special occasion.

Ms Ngoc Giau was emotional as she recalled the challenges she faced in pursuing the nursing profession.

Meanwhile, Dr Vu Truong Son (Deputy Medical Director) contributed his interesting memories of the nursing profession during his early years in medicine. “Many of my medical skills today have been learned greatly from nurses, and I am very grateful for that invaluable gift,” Dr Son said.

The International Nurse’s Day celebrations at FV Hospital were interspersed with many performances from various departments, all imbued with the distinct “FV nursing” spirit. Alongside, quiz games with prizes organised by the team brought laughter to the participants. These “unmissable” activities always demonstrate the spirit of unity and the passionate enthusiasm of nurses.

The adorable performances from the Paediatric & Neonatology Department

The nurses from the Outpatient Department brought excitement to the auditorium

As is the tradition in recent years, the awards for the competition – Nursing Quiz, were announced during the commemorative event. The nursing team from the Outpatient Department and Medical Ward – East Wing (Chemotherapy Unit) excelled and claimed the championship of this competition. Nurses from the Paediatric and Surgical Ward secured second place, while two nursing teams from the A&E Department and the “team” – Operating Theatre and Day Ward, respectively, clinched third place in the competition.

Representatives from the departments receiving the Nursing Quiz 2024 awards.

At the end of the programme, Ms Pauline summarised the new journey of nurses at FV, especially since the hospital is a member of the Thomson Medical Group. She reminded nurses to continuously enhance their expertise and knowledge to pursue a better career path. This emphasises the integrity, perseverance, and focus on professionalism increasingly demanded in nursing.

The International Nurses’ Day 2024 celebrations at FV Hospital brought many emotional moments, while also conveying a message to the community about the noble mission of the nursing profession in today’s society. On this occasion, FV Hospital extends its congratulations to nurses, midwives, and healthcare technicians across Vietnam, especially expressing our sincere gratitude to those working at FV.

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