General Surgery

  • F. L. A
    General Surgery

    The care and compassion that my daughter has received from the first appointment with Dr Thai to the care on the Paediatric ward has been exemplary. She has been in the best care we could asked for. Dr Thai was very thorough and with his care our daughter was able to discharge within 3 days.

  • D. G. R
    General Surgery

    A special thanks to Dr Le Duc Tuan. I went to my local hospital and was diagnosed with one hernia. I came to FV because of the service I have received in the past. During the operation Dr Tuan found and repaired a second hernia which was amazing.

  • S. S. W
    General Surgery

    The staff were generally friendly and nice, and the orthopaedic surgeon had Dr. I was impressed by Vu Hoang Lien’s professional treatment and diagnosis.

  • N.K .D
    General Surgery, Thoracic, Vascular & Endovascular Surgery

    Our family is extremely grateful to the enthusiasm of the doctors, nurses and especially Dr. Tuan, who operated on her with a beautiful incision, no pain, the care of the nurses, care assistants and security staff who assisted me very well. Sincere thanks to the Department of Surgery and the hospital staff for their dedication to the profession. Thank you!

  • P. T. L. H
    General Surgery

    After examining and operating at the hospital, we feel very secure and satisfied. I would like to express my sincere thanks to the doctors. Especially doctor Thai who directly performed the surgery and the anesthesiologist were very attentive. I hope the doctors and nurses have a lot of health and are always dedicated and devoted to the hospital, saving many patients. Thank you very much to the hospital.

  • L.T.T.S
    General Surgery

    My mother had surgery on hand, my father had a hip replacement operated by Dr. Phat, my parent is now healthy and very grateful to Dr. Phat because the surgery is painless and the doctor is very enthusiastic to patients. When my parent have any issue about bone, I will ask Dr. Phat because I am really relieved when the doctor operates for my parent.

  • N.T.B.H
    General Surgery, Neurosurgery and Endovascular Neurosurgery, Thoracic, Vascular & Endovascular Surgery

    I’ve take your services since 2003 and get all my family, including my parents to take FV’s services. Almost experience is satisfactory. The most one is for Neurosurgery Department and the Surgical Ward. The next is Paediatric Ward.

  • T.N.M
    General Surgery, Thoracic, Vascular & Endovascular Surgery

    All the nurses and care assistants were enthusiastic and helpful. For example, they visited me every 2 hours and even helped me do things that I could do myself. They were very caring.

  • D.A.M
    General Surgery, Thoracic, Vascular & Endovascular Surgery

    Good experience at FV. Staff well trained and easy to get around. I had a very good experience with the care staff and they took care of my every need. Very well structured easy to get things done with minimal fuss. I thought the admissions and entry into the hospital was seamless, everything else was ok. The room and food was ok, not great but edible. The staff were very attentive and it made my stay all that more pleasant.

  • T.L.P
    General Surgery, Thoracic, Vascular & Endovascular Surgery

    I was very happy with the service of Dr. Phat, my physio Dung, and all nursing and care staff. Thank you so much, they were very nice, helpful and attentive. Dinner was good too.
    The hospital in general has been great. My orthopedic surgeon Dr. Phat had been recommended to me by friends and I now understand why. Fantastic.
    Dung, the gentleman that assisted with my Physio in the morning February 3rd. Very happy with him. Very helpful and easy to communicate with. He was clear with my requirements and easy to understand.

  • Mr Duong Nguyen Hoang Son
    General Surgery, Hy Vong Cancer Centre

    From this letter I sincere thank you FV medical team for treating and helping me a lot during past time, especially Dr. Dien, nurse Cuc, nurse Y and Dr. Thai. I feel comfortable to have treatment here. Thank you FV for great service and hope the hospital more develop in the future.

  • Mr Le Dang Hong
    General Surgery, Hy Vong Cancer Centre

    I admit FV on 21/05 at A&E. Morning 22/05 I am diagnosed and to have intestinal surgery. I am grateful doctors and all staff. Dr. Dien and Dr. Thai had exactly diagnosed and the treatment was in time. The qualification and morality of doctors help me over the sickness and recover very soon.
    I sincere thank Board of director and all staff for a hospital where patients would be taken care well.

  • Mr Mihic Vladimir
    General Surgery

    I must tell you how much I admire my doctor Phan Van Thai whom in few days put back on the rail of life and gave me hope for few years more! Staff, services, everyone are such nice, friendly, very professional, make 10/10. Once more, I highly appreciate the treatment and care you have given to me, my dear doctor Phan Van Thai. Thanks to everyone!

  • Mr John Dennis Nicholas
    General Surgery

    I arrived on Sunday 13-04-2014 which appendicitis which had ruptered into peretonitis. I wish to thank all the medical staff that took care of me over the next 8 days + providing excellent medical care of assistance. A special thank you to my doctor. Dr. Tuan. Obviously, a very good surgeon + with a very pleasant + mature, a nice person you could not meet. A thank you to hospital staff that tended to my wife who stayed with me in the room. Also a thank you to Ms. Lanh who was always there in time of need.

  • Mrs Helen Elizabeth Sewell
    General Surgery

    I have worked in 16 hospitals and 38 medical centres throughout the world. FV hospital is the cleanest I have seen and extol its virtues whenever I can, unfortunately as I live in England, you are too far away to attend for your excellent treatment. Thank you again and Dr Thai for saving my wife’s life in January 2010

  • Mr Joanne Gasgonia
    General Surgery

    I highly appreciate the treatment care you have given me. You have been a great doctor ensuring my continued health after the surgery that took my abdominal pain away.
    Living in a foreign country, we always have to refer back to the home country for advise, particularly in emergency cases-my medical case. You have immediately gained my husband’s confidence by explaining thoroughly what is happening to me and what you plan to do to make things right for me again.
    For my health, for my family’s peace of mind, we shall ever be grateful.

  • Mrs Nguyen Thi Tu
    General Surgery

    I am Nguyen Thi Tu. I had a big hepatic hemangiomas and was admited to FV Hospital from 2nd to 10th November 2015. During my hospital stay, I received dedicated care from both doctors and nurses here. They are very friendly and keen on providing me instructions on what I did not know or answering my questions. Dr Nguyen Quoc Thai, who directly in charge of my case and performed surgery for me, was very friendly, dedicated and cared. He visited and consulted me everyday. I am now well recovered. I and my family would like to say thanks you, specially Dr. Thai, a young talent. Thank you all and wish you good health and happiness. Wish FV Hospital more growth and sucesses.

  • Mrs Huynh Thi Lac
    General Surgery

    “The first post-operative day that my husband could eat without choking, I was happy in tears.”

    “The 8 hours my husband was in the operation theatre for esophageal cancer surgery were the 8 hours I seemed sitting on fire. He’s almost 60 years old and got lymph nodes. But finally the surgery was successful and his life was saved, thanks to Dr. Hung and the FV surgical team”

  • Mrs. Nguyen Thi Phuong Van
    General Surgery

    Because drinking water through the toilet mistake made my esophagus was completely destroyed. I find FV hospital as the last hope to save his life. I was a doctor and the doctor Thai Tuan perform the surgery re-shaping the stomach and esophageal function gives me. My family is very worried about the surgery lasted until 20 hours. However, two doctors performed surgery was successful. Now, I was able to eat and taste normal again. Thanks to everyone in the team of doctors, nurses participating in surgery for me, especially doctors and physicians Thai Tuan was very enthusiastic from the examination until the surgery a success.

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