The General Practitioner is the first point of contact family members have for most medical services, the first professional person we turn to when we’re not feeling well or something else is not quite right with our bodies. To be able to assess a problem and decide on the appropriate course of action, the GPs at FV Hospital call on an extensive knowledge of medical conditions.

The GP Team at FVH are all qualified physicians who provide primary care for all members of the family, from new-born babes to the elderly, and whose practice is not limited to any specific branch of medicine or class of diseases. They do not specialize in any one field of medicine but treat all illnesses. For example, acute and chronic illnesses; dealing with problems that often combines physical, psychological and social components; providing preventive care and health education for all ages and both sexes. No other specialty offers such a wide remit of treating everything from babies to elders, and from mental illness to sports medicine.

It is most important for all family members to see a GP prior to any particular check-ups with a Specialist, as the GP will perform a general check-up of the patient thus providing a complete understanding of the patient’s health, in order to determine and co-ordinate the resources needed for a patient’s treatment. From the findings of investigative tests, the GP will be able to refer the patient, if needed, to the right Specialist for treatment. The General Practitioner Department at FV Hospital works collaboratively with Specialists in all departments to arrive at a course of treatment specifically suited to the patient’s needs.


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