FV Hospital’s Laboratory is a state-of-the-art facility that uses ultra-modern equipment and the latest technologies in providing a comprehensive range of routine and emergency laboratory tests to patients at FV Hospital and also to individual patients that come in for personal blood tests. FV Laboratory also offers its services to other healthcare providers and clinics that refer requests for testing of the highest quality and standard.

The FV Laboratory mission is inherent to the foundations of our hospital, providing world-class medical expertise that people can trust. Our laboratory does this through a team of highly qualified and competent staff with internationally acquired experienced. The policies and procedures governing FV Laboratory are all based on current internationally published scientific guidelines and knowledge.

FV Laboratory is the first and currently only laboratory in Vietnam to proactively ensure highest possible quality of test results by comparing our day-to-day performance against a group of over 1000 international laboratories in countries including USA, France, Germany, Thailand, Japan, through Roche Diagnostics’ quality control and quality assurance tools. This provides confidence to our requesting doctors and patients that results given by FV laboratory are the exact standard and quality as those reported at international-standard laboratories worldwide.

FV Hospital’s Laboratory is located on the ground floor of the F Building of FV Hospital. The Blood Bank is located in the ground floor of the V Building.

Clinical Biochemistry

This section provides a wide range of routine and specialised clinical laboratory tests on blood, urine, and other body fluids for patients. The comprehensive selection of routine, high-volume tests are fully automated on ultra-modern state-of-the-art instruments that are well maintained and calibrated to the highest international standard. Our testing menu includes (but is not limited to) tests for glucose, liver function, kidney function, serum proteins and many other specialised chemistry analysis.


This section is involved in analysis of the cellular elements of blood, bone marrow and other body fluids with a focus on neoplastic and non-neoplastic blood disorders. In addition to high-volume automated haematology laboratory tests (e.g. CBCs) a wide variety of specialised studies are also performed including blood cell morphology studies, bone marrow studies and malaria tests.


This section provides testing for the diagnosis and characterisation of coagulation system disorders that lead to bleeding or thrombosis. The fully-automated tests in our laboratory maintain a comprehensive test menu for testing of common coagulation disorders and proteins


Our Immunology section uses the latest technologies to study products related to the body’s immune response including antibodies produced in response to foreign material. The assays used encompass fully-automated tests, the recently acquired ELISA tests and several manual tests also available in our expanding menu.


Using both automated and manual systems, our urinalysis section aids in detection and management of conditions including urinary tract infections, kidney disease, and diabetes.


Our Microbiology Department offers comprehensive diagnostic services for patients with infections. This section of our laboratory utilises the latest technologies, most up-to-date recommended practice and readily available consultation with highly-trained and experienced Biologists on-site. Our Microbiology department is ever evolving, striving to introduce and use the most recent technological tools available on the international market.

This section of our laboratory also plays a very pivotal role in infection control around FV Hospital and also in the antibiotic stewardship programme including monitoring patterns in reported multi-drug-resistant organisms in our community.

Molecular Pathology (PCR)

Also known as the PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction), our Molecular pathology section is located in a purpose-built area, at the 1st floor of the F building, with state-of-the-art equipment and technologies to extract DNA/RNA and perform real-time PCR for several assays. This section represents an ever-expanding and exciting arm of our laboratory giving us the capability to aid patient diagnosis with the most sensitive and specific assays available on the market while also significantly reducing the waiting time for test results.


In cytology, a skilled consultant Pathologist examines human cells microscopically to detect early signs of cancer and other abnormal conditions and diseases. The most common type of specimen processed in this section is PAP smear.

Our PAP smear program runs in conjunction with the molecular section of our laboratory to provide the most up-to-date screening program for cervical cancer based on the latest recommended practice algorithms developed by FDA (USA).

Blood Bank

The blood bank section provides transfusion support to our Oncology patient population and also patients undergoing surgery at FV Hospital. The protocols utilized in this section ensure a safe transfusion practice that meets international standard with the sole focus of reducing patient harm and unnecessary blood transfusions.


Under the supervision of a trained and qualified POCT Coordinator, this arm of our operation is responsible for ensuring safe practice and utilization of diagnostic devices available at the patient bedside for tests including glucose and blood gas.

The coordinator ensures our POCT program uses validated devises that give results that are acceptable and comparable to those provided on our state-of-the-art analysers in the main laboratory. Our coordinator also ensures clinical area users of POCT devices are fully trained and competent before they are allowed to operate each device.

Our Partnered Laboratories

FV Laboratory also works in partnership with several international laboratories that are accredited to the required standard for offering specialized assays and test to our patients.

Some of the diagnostic services referred to our international partners include Anatomical Pathology requests, Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing for Down syndrome and other genetic disorders.

Our partners are laboratories based in the USA, France and Thailand.


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