2021 World Pharmacists Day with the message ‘Always Trusted For Your Health’

During the outbreak of COVID-19, all the world has witnessed the many sacrifices of medical staff when providing care for their patients. However, when considering the dedication for global epidemic prevention, we have to give special thanks for all the pharmacists who have been working quietly day to night to find the medicine for treatment and to develop vaccines for SARS-COV-2 patients. For that reason, the 11th anniversary of World Pharmacists Day (25/09) this year has brought particularly penitent message.

With the theme “Pharmacists: Always trusted for your health”, International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) wants to emphasise that trust is not only the basic factor to help maintain society relationships but also the bond in relationship between pharmacists and patients. On the basic of clinical assessment, FIP realises that for many patients, when they put the trust on their healthcare experts, they show positive changes and a respond better to treatment methods and recovering faster.

During many years, pharmacists have always been presented in the top 5 most trusted careers in the world, besides scientists, medical staff or educators. The “reservoir of trust” for the pharmaceutical industry for a long time has helped FIP consider as extremely necessary during the recent epidemic.

During the epidemic, there are many organisations and individuals that launched a wave of false anti-vaccination information, which is a sign of declining trust in pharmaceutical science. Therefore, in World Pharmacists Day this year, FIP hopes that pharmacists will try their best to work based on scientific evidence to continue to strengthen the trust of patients through knowledge and a stringent evidence based working attitude, to help address the unwarranted doubts about all kind of vaccines in general and COVID-19 vaccines in particular.

As the way people have trusted and are grateful to Dr Edward Jenner for creating the smallpox vaccine; the scientist – Louis Pasteur for his famous biology or the vaccination process researches in; or recently – Prof Sarah Gilbert – who developed the Astra Zeneca vaccine; we will continue to put our trust in their knowledge, responsibility and ethical values of pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists. The bond between pharmacists and patients is based on the mutual trust, and has always been one of the most important factors that help us fight against many diseases.

In this year, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, FV Hospital has not organised the ceremony to celebrate and honour all pharmacists and staff working in Pharmacy Department. On the 11th anniversary of World Pharmacists Day, FV Hospital would like to express our sincere thanks to pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists for their unremitting contribution to public health. The dedication of pharmaceutical profession during the past year has brought a safer and more dignified world.

World Pharmacists Day is set on 25th, September at the meeting of International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) in Istanbul, Turkey in 2010. The purpose of this celebration day is to encourage and support the role of pharmacists in improving the health of human in the world.

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