A 102-Year-Old Patient Suffers a Fractured Femur and Trusts FV Doctors to Perform Surgery so He Can Walk Again

“We were already grateful to see our father sitting normally, but we never imagined that, after the surgery, he could walk again,” shared the patient’s son, emotionally.

Patient Hoang Phat (102 years old) practices walking after undergoing surgery to treat his fractured thigh bone

Treating femoral neck fractures in elderly patients with multiple comorbidities is extremely challenging.

In early March 2024, 102-year-old Mr Hoang Phat, from Can Tho, unexpectedly tripped over a chair and fell while walking around his home. The fall caused a strong impact on his buttocks as they hit the ground. Panicked, his family rushed him to the nearest medical facility for emergency care. Doctors in Can Tho diagnosed Mr Phat with a severe fracture of the right femoral neck, which is at the top of the thigh bone. His family immediately contacted FV Hospital to transfer him from Can Tho to FV for further treatment.

Upon examination of Mr Hoang Phat, Dr Truong Hoang Vinh Khiem at the Bone and Joint Centre Department at FV Hospital observed the femoral neck fracture, which necessitated a hip replacement surgery to help Mr Phat regain mobility.

“Without definitive treatment, the patient may become bedridden. Prolonged bed rest carries the risk of complications such as bedsores, pneumonia, urinary tract infections, and respiratory infections, which can lead to death,” Dr Khiem explained.

In addition to the fall-related injury, the 102-year-old patient has several underlying conditions that could make the surgery dangerous, increasing the risk of heart failure and stroke during and after the procedure.

FV Hospital convened a multidisciplinary consultation to carefully plan the surgery for this elderly  patient to ensuring his safety. Mr Hoang Phat’s cardiovascular health was well controlled by FV’s cardiologists before surgery. Throughout the surgery, anaesthesiologists worked closely with the surgical team to address any changes in the patient’s vital signs. It was through this tight coordination that FV Hospital confidently performed the major surgery on this 102-year-old patient.

Dr Truong Hoang Vinh Khiem performs Mr Phat’s hip replacement surgery.

The surgery performed by Dr Truong Hoang Vinh Khiem lasted more than an hour with the assistance of anaesthesiologists and cardiologists. Fortunately, due to meticulous control of cardiac function and effective anaesthesia, the operation proceeded smoothly. After the surgery, Mr Phat was instructed to receive physical therapy to restore the function of his hips and was discharged one week later.

Witnessing his 102-year-old father take his first steps after the surgery with the assistance of a walking frame, Mr Hoang Minh (61 years old, the third son of the patient) felt joyful and moved. Minh stated that despite his advanced age, his father remains alert, continues to do household chores, and reads the newspaper every morning. Due to his numerous underlying health conditions, for over 20 years, the family has entrusted Mr Phat’s health to the doctors at FV Hospital. His father previously underwent prostate surgery and gallbladder surgery here.

“At FV, my father’s medical records are fully stored, so when accidents like falls occur, we immediately bring him to FV for timely treatment,” Mr Minh explained.

When Dr Khiem analysed the potential risks during the surgery and proposed preventive measures for all situations, Mr Phat’s family felt somewhat reassured and agreed to follow the doctor’s instructions.

“Because the doctor anticipated various situations during the surgery for my father, I trusted the hospital’s solution. Luckily, everything went smoothly.

“I appreciate Dr Khiem and the collaboration of FV’s Cardiology, Anaesthesiology & ICU, and Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation departments for helping ensure the success of this surgery,” said Mr Minh, in gratitude.

Patient Hoang Phat and his son, Mr Minh, take a photo with Dr Khiem before discharge.

Beforehand, the whole family was anxious and worried about patient Phat’s third surgery, so they mentally prepared for any possible adverse outcomes. When the surgery was successful beyond expectations, every family member was overcome with joy.

“We were already overjoyed at the thought of my father being able to sit up, but we never expected that after the surgery, he would be able to walk again,” Mr Minh shared, happily.

After four weeks, returning for a follow-up examination at FV, patient Phat mentioned that he could now move around and carry out daily activities as usual.

Hip fractures in the elderly are commonly caused by falls

According to Dr Khiem, hip fractures caused by falls are a common and increasingly prevalent injury among the elderly. Addressing concerns that older patients undergoing hip fracture surgery face many risks, Dr Khiem emphasised: “Hip fractures themselves do not cause increased mortality risk for patients, but rather the complications from prolonged immobility, such as pneumonia or urinary tract infections.”

Dr Khiem advises that to prevent falls leading to hip fractures in the elderly, homes should be cleaned and organised, floors should be free from slip hazards, and there should be adequate lighting. Especially for families with pets such as dogs or cats, they should be aware: due to their nature, dogs and cats often wrap around people’s legs in greeting, which can cause the elderly to trip and fall.

To learn more about hip fracture treatment, please contact Bone & Joint Centre, FV Hospital at: (028) 54 11 33 33.

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