ACC – Member of FV Group accompany The HCMC 2022 Marathon

16-17th April, 2022, The 2022 HCMC Marathon organised by Salonpas took place at No. 10 Tan Trao Street, Phu My Hung, Tan Phu Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City with the participation of nearly 7500 athletes and many companies who attended the exhibition as co-sponsors.

ACC clinic’s booth at the exhibition on 16th April 2022

ACC Clinic – A new member of FV Group also participated as a sponsor to accompany the event. ACC has set up a mobile clinic with medical beds for patients to receive examination under the supervision and consultation of a Chiropractor. For patients who had indications for additional imaging requirement the doctors from ACC will refer them to FV Hospital.

Dr Wade Brackenbury was doing a physical check-up for athletes before the running day

At the event, ACC also had a training session for participants on the topic “Minimise Injuries – Maximise Speed ” by Dr Ryan.J.Means – one of the leading experts for muscle-bone- joint conditions and sports injuries. The purpose of the talk is to help athletes understand and gain practical knowledge to prevent injury while running. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced runner, having an understanding about your mobility is crucial to be able to participate in the race safely. Safe, effective and performance-enhancing.

Dr Ryan.J.Means presentation on the topic “Minimise Injuries – Maximise Speed”

FV Hospital also introduced and gave advice for the health check-up programme conveying the message “Learn your strengths to push your limits” to encourage athletes to understand their own fitness, endurance, pressure tolerance and cardiac stability in sports. In particular, visitors at the event received a consultation and were introduced to the General Health check-up packages with in-depth health screenings such as: Comprehensive Cardio and Vascular Check-up Program, Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) Screening Program, Standard/Extensive/Executive Health Check Program and Vascular Screening Program. FV also offered visitors a generous 15% discount coupon for the packages that meet   international standards provided at the hospital.

Athletes registered to experience the service at FV

On the day, athletes were offered a place to relax at the finish area with a cool down pool, and experience a muscle relaxation treatment with Theragun machine and the support from ACC experts to help reduce muscle fatigue and recover the tension after running.

ACC cool down pool

Performing muscle relaxation for athletes after running

This is just the starting point to accompany each other after the merging between ACC and FV. In the future, FV and ACC will continue to work together to bring patients more treatment options  and bring FV’s services closer to more people.

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