Café De Paris has returned with a luxurious modern look

After nearly 2 months of renovation, Café De Paris is back, ready to serve patients, their relatives, and many familiar customers at FV Hospital. The new appearance is truly impressive, featuring a blend of classic luxurious colours and a modern design style, providing diners with a classy culinary experience.

The new space at Café de Paris is attracting more diners than ever.

With its completely unique design, it imparts a sense of comfort that helps alleviate anxiety associated with hospital visits. FV Hospital continues its commitment to innovation and enhancing the services surrounding medical examination and treatment. We intend to bring convenience and ensure that everyone can experience a positive, lively atmosphere for every visit to FV.

Café De Paris has undergone a significant transformation, adopting a Lobby Lounge style design commonly found in 5-star hotels. The bright and lively colours, coupled with modern and comfortable interiors, create an ideal meeting place for relaxation and experiencing exciting culinary adventures for patients, their families, and FV staff.

More than just a coffee space within the hospital, Café De Paris has evolved into a familiar meeting place for many customers. With an increased capacity, the cafe can now accommodate more than 60 people, Café De Paris can be considered the best gathering spot at FV. Moreover, the restaurant’s new menu and layout promise to introduce a world full of new flavours and culinary delights, catering to even the most discerning diners.

Many new types of cakes have been introduced with more attractive decorations.

Ms Vo Thi Thanh Phuong, F&B Manager, shared, “Along with the change in appearance, Café De Paris also aims for new forms of service in the future.” With a strong investment in facilities, Café De Paris plans to deploy an on-site food processing area to offer delicious flavours and an even more professional and convenient service experience.

The main counter is designed with positive and exciting colours.

The new look of Café De Paris marks the first step for upcoming improvements to meet the diverse needs of diners, especially patients and their families. Café De Paris is not just a place to enjoy cuisine; it’s a space for everyone to create memorable moments with family and friends at FV.