Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund Gives Heartfelt Thanks to Incredible Support

Since the activities of the Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund were restarted in May 2018, FV Hospital has partnered with the organisation to help it in achieving its mission in supporting disadvantaged children in Vietnam access medical treatment.

In 2019 alone, FV Hospital donated more than 4.5 billion VND to Children of Vietnam through its One-Dollar charitable initiative. Here, FV committed itself to donating one USD for every patient who visited the hospital. In addition, for all medical cases referred to FV for treatment, a 20% discount was given by the hospital for all costs.

In 2019, the Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund received more than 681 million VND from other benefactors. Such funds were raised thanks to the incredible support from people in the community.  From monthly donors, such as members of staff from the King of Bread company; fundraising events, including Community Yoga – Fund for Children organized by Yoga Hub Vietnam; to even children in the community, such as Nguyen Truc Thao Lam, who made and sold bracelets herself to support the fundraising initiatives. Children have also supported by actively getting involved in the fund’s charity art auction – Give a child a chance in life. Having created and had their pieces auctioned, they happily went on to donate 50% of the auction proceeds to the organisation.

In addition to fundraising efforts, the enthusiastic support of both national and foreign doctors has been integral to the organisation successful year. A special thanks goes out to; Prof. McKay McKinnon, the world’s leading expert in surgery of complex tumour and cerebral cranium reconstruction; Prof. Stéphane Guero, a master of hand surgery from France; Dr Jan Dirk Ferwerda, a specialist in retinal and retinopathy of prematurity;  Dr Luong Ngoc Trung, Department of Thoracic and Vascular Surgery of FV Hospital; Dr Le Trong Phat, Head  of Department of Orthopaedics and Trauma-Surgery, FV Hospital; Prof. Pham Ngoc Thach, Deputy Director of Paediatric  Hospital 2; Dr Dang Xuan Vinh, Specialist Level II, Vice Dean of Department of Neurosurgery, Paediatric Hospital 2, among many others.

Thanks to all this fantastic support, last year, Children of Vietnam helped 144 children receive free medical treatment. Among them, 107 cases were successfully treated, including; 29 patients who regained their sight due to retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) treatment; 20 who were born with congenital deformities or developed serious problems after suffering an accident, had their hands and limbs, both appearance and function, restored; 5 who had their congenital blood tumour removed; and 16 suffering with cleft lip and cleft palate were completely treated. In addition, there were cases treated of children suffering from dangerous diseases such as heart disease, Neurofibromatosis, and paediatric urological disorders.

Sending sincere thanks to all organizations and individuals over the past year, Ms Nguyen Thi Le Thu, Director of Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund shared: “We believe that every donation opens a new door for disabled children with difficult circumstances, just like the purpose of the fund from the very first days of establishment – Give a child a chance in life ”.


Founded in 2006, the Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund was established with the mission of helping to cure diseases for disadvantaged children under sixteen years old who are born with congenital deformities or developed serious problems after suffering an accident.

For customers, charitable organizations or benefactors who wish to donate or refer patients in need of support, please contact the Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund.

Address: 6 Nguyen Luong Bang, Phu My Hung, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City.

Hotline: 0903035030.