This liposuction procedure stands out for the surgeon as it was performed on a body with very little excess fat, applied to multiple areas.

Entering the consultation room of Dr Daniel Bialeoko, Head of FV Lifestyle Clinic (Cosmetics & Plastic Surgery Department), a 54 years old woman with a slender figure sits down and listened attentively to the pre-operative consultation for her special surgery. Ms Le Thu, living and working in Ho Chi Minh City, is passionate about sports and practicing yoga daily, but has decided to undergo liposuction after many weeks of contemplating herself in front of the mirror. “I’m getting liposuction to regain my appearance from 10 years ago,” Ms Thu said. After the consultation, Dr Daniel determined that this is a challenging liposuction case, requiring not only fat removal but also fat transfer, essentially shaping the body.

With very little excess fat on her body, Dr. Daniel advised Ms Thu to have fat removed from her waist, both arms, lower abdomen, and inner thighs. This amount of fat would be enough to inject into the buttocks, and Dr Daniel also planned to sketch muscle lines on her abdomen to create a firm and appealing body shape. After agreeing to the plan, Ms Thu underwent a general examination and preoperative assessment. When ready for surgery, the medical staff double-check her medical records and assess her health status at that that exact moment.

After confirming her stable health condition, Ms Thu is wheeled from the pre-operative bay into the operating room.

In the operating room, Dr Daniel marks the areas to be suctioned and sculpted on Ms Thu’s body. The areas marked in green will be where fat is removed, while those marked in black indicate the areas where Dr Daniel will use a small suction tube to create a subtle abdominal groove, in order to reshape the contour of the muscles, this is called the HIGH DEFINITION

A team of 5 divide tasks according to their expertise, with two doctors administering anaesthesia and nursing staff disinfecting the client’s entire body. Once all the preparations are complete, Dr Daniel proceeds with the fat grafting, liposuction, and sculpting.

According to Dr Daniel, this liposuction is performed using two machines: the vaser technique and traditional liposuction. Additionally, some special machines are used to address excess skin after fat removal, without the need for surgical intervention.

Dr Daniel used the vaser machine to break down excess fat with ultrasonic waves, making it easier to suction out. It takes about 1.5-2 hours to remove fat from various areas. This step requires careful attention to detail to both remove fat and sculpt the body.

The fat suctioned from the body travels through a tube to a container, where it is cleaned and then injected back into the buttocks or other areas needing augmentation. The fat is cleaned within 30 minutes and injected back into the body within 15 minutes.

Due to the small incision size for inserting the suction tube, this area heals quickly after surgery, leaving no scars. Dr Daniel likens this liposuction to a body sculpture, with clients recovering within 48 hours. However, visible results may take up to 3 months to appear.

After completing the liposuction and sculpting, Dr Daniel reassesses the situation, and Ms Thu is transferred to the postoperative recovery room. This minimally invasive technique means patients only need to stay in the hospital for 4-5 hours, and if no complications arise, they can be discharged the same day. With multiple advanced techniques applied simultaneously, the cost for clients is around 200 million VND.

After discharge, Ms Le Thu must wear a compression garment and undergoes physical therapy to prevent swelling and aid fat draining for 12 weeks. Additionally, the areas where fat was suctioned may have uneven contours, and physical therapy helps those areas regain elasticity without distortion. Dr Daniel notes that if the client maintains stable weight, the results of liposuction can last for many years.

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