FV Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology offers an advanced dermatological therapy called Micro-needling that helps to address comprehensively and safely three of the most troublesome dermatological problems, including aging, dark spots or moles and acnes

Micro-needling therapy is one of the most favoured non-invasive dermatological therapies in the EU. The most outstanding advance of Micro-needling therapy is the very long-lasting results after treatment. When combined with special treatment products, Micro-needling therapy helps to improve your overall skin contour by fading away sunburn and moles, removing acne, and eliminating bacterium causing acnes.  Blood circulation under your skin is motivated and your skin becomes much smoother and balances the levels of moisture in your skin.

During Micro-needling therapy, a cosmetologist uses an extremely small needle to inject medical components directly into the area of skin that requires treatment.  This dermatological procedure does not only help to lift your skin but also provides comprehensive care to the most concerned skin problems, including large sunburn  areas, moles, acne, dark spots, large pores and rough skin. You can feel the results of a healthier, smoother and brighter skin after just one week of treatment.

Our cosmetologists at FV Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology department apply advanced dermatological techniques and procedures. These include combining Micro-needling therapy with the utilization of light ozone steam using specialised equipment to offer comprehensive skincare treatment.  Additionally, this treatment using luxury dermatological products, made-in-France, which leaves you with long-lasting results shortly after your first treatment.

You will receive a consultation and clinical dermatological examination with a Japanese trained cosmetologist. With profound knowledge and rich experience, our cosmetologist will help you to select the best treatment option that is best for your skin.

FV Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology unifies contemporary architecture, stylish decor and a custom-designed interior to provide a five-star international hospital experience.  Within our comfortable private waiting area, you can enjoy complimentary coffee, cake, refreshments and free wifi.

To receive a free consultation and clinical dermatological examination, please call (08) 54 11 33 66, Ext. 1511 or schedule appointment online

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