Donald Tan, the world leading cornea specialist is going to work at FVH

Professor Donald Tan, the former President of the World Corneal Society, is going to directly provide his corneal consultation and surgery to patients at Ophthalmology department, FV Hospital.

To schedule an appointment with Dr Donald Tan, please contact (028) 5411 3436.

Professor Donald Tan is a world leading eye specialist. He is considered a master in advanced corneal transplantation to help patient recover their vision. One of these techniques is Tooth-in-eye, the optimal treatment option for those who are affected with severe corneal injuries.

Another advanced corneal transplantation techniques utilized by Dr Donald Tan is lamellar keratoplasty, which selectively replaces only the damaged or diseased layers with healthy donor corneal layers and enables healthy corneal layers to remain intact. The successful rate of this procedure is up to 98% and the risk of complications is minimal while the vision recovery is much better compared to conventional corneal transplantation procedures, which requires total corneal replacement.

The corneal grafts are imported from corneal banks in USA and Singapore where corneas are processed and reserved at the best conditions. This helps patients minimize time waiting for donated corneas. After the surgery, patients may get ongoing care from ophthalmologists at FV Hospital.

From the first corneal transplantation procedure conducted at FV Hospital in May 2016, Dr Donald Tan has successfully performed more than 20 corneal surgeries during these visits to FV Hospital every two months.

The long-term partnership between Dr Donald Tan and FV Hospital has offered patients opportunities to restore visions while save significant costs compared to getting treatment abroad.