Pitted scars and dark scars on the skin are two types of scar which are typically caused by acne, chickenpox, and atopic dermatitis. There are many treatment methods for the condition, such as through organic and chemical products, however these do require a lot of time and dedication which, even after such a considerable time, may not provide the desired results. With the modern advancements of medical, through the application of laser technology, pitted and dark scars can be treated quickly and subsequently these methods are becoming more and more popular. Among these two approaches are, two advanced laser methods: Q-SWITCHED ND YAG and ER: FRACTIONAL YAG. Such approaches are at the forefront in the use of treating scars at FV Skin and Laser Clinic due to their many outstanding advantages, their safety and that they do not have any side effects. All these factors are key in helping customers feel secure.


Dark scars appear on the skin often after inflammation or injury. To treat dark scars, the FV Skin & Laser Clinic uses the Nd YAG Laser Q-switched technology which acts on the skin surface to break down pigmentation, yet also ensures no damage to the surrounding skin area. Therefore, this technology can remove long-lasting scars, being three to five times more effective than conventional treatments. In addition, the advantages of this technology also help increase collagen production, making the skin firmer, healthier, and reduce the time needed to rest after the procedure. Following such treatment, a patient can confidently go out or go to work as if it was any other day.


Pitted scars are indentations on the skin. They are formed by deeper damage to the epidermis, loss of fibrous cells (collagen, elastin) due to acne moulding, and improper skin care, which result in damaged skin. According to Dr Le Minh Chau, FV Skin & Laser Clinic, pitted scars are divided into three main categories:

  • Ice Pick Scars: This type of scar has a wide opening with a pointy base, appearing as if a sharp object pierced the skin, leaving a dent.
  • Box Car Scars: Such scars have an opening and base of the same width. The base of the scar is square, and is relatively flat and shallow.
  • Rolling Scars: This type of scar has a wider opening than an Ice Pick scar, being concave in a round form with a deep hole. In general, this scar appears like wavy marks on the skin.

Laser ER: YAG technology (fractional) at FV is applied to remove the epidermis and part of the dermis of the skin. It is also used to stimulate the synthesis of the collagen and other elements and therefore is also very effective in rejuvenation. This is particularly beneficial for improving concave scarring, wrinkle reduction, pigmentation removal, and benign lesion. Advantages of this method include a fast recovery time, and that it does not affect day to day living, working, nor in communication. Additionally, there are few side effects through using this method, such as prolonged redness, permanent loss of pigmentation, patchy spots, and scars.


According to Dr Le Minh Chau MSc., scar treatment requires an accurate treatment regimen, and the frequency and duration of the treatment will depend on each person’s specific skin condition. The laser technique must be performed directly by a doctor or a specialist who is able to adjust, in a safe way, the most suitable energy level for each different scar area on the skin.

When patients come to the FV Skin & Laser Clinic, their skin will be analysed through a Visia skin microscopy and analysis system. Following this, they will then be consulted directly with dermatologists who will provide suitable treatment for each skin condition.

FV Skin & Laser Clinic features a new generation of laser systems, including the Fotona StarWalker and the Fotona XS Dynamic Laser, allowing therapists to easily combine therapeutic parameters to bring optimized results and effective treatment.

Dr Le Minh Chau – FV Skin & Laser Clinic, has many years of clinical experience specializing in a range of skin problems. These include acne, melasma, freckles, brown spots, and skin rejuvenation, among others. Following direct consultations with customers, through the use of modern technological treatments, Dr Le Minh Chau provides solutions for a range of skin problems to help customers overcome any insecurities. Knowing the importance of having healthy skin, Dr Le Minh Chau dedicates a considerable time to each consultation, ensuring that she provides the most suitable and effective treatment for her customers, all to bring back their perfect skin.

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