Fake Information Affecting the Reputation of FV Hospital Will Be Reported and Requested to Be Handled by the Authorities

Recently, a Facebook account shared with the online community, translated from Vietnamese, the following statement: “even the French Vietnamese Hospital HCM is my project”. This statement has resulted in numerous people believing incorrectly that “Phap Viet Hospital HCM”, mentioned in the individual’s statement above, refers to FV Hospital. Please be informed that, the name “Phap Viet Hospital HCM” is not the name of FV Hospital. The official name on the Investment Certificate of FV Hospital is “Viet-Phap Hospital” (Franco-Vietnamese Hospital).

Screenshot of inaccurate information regarding FV Hospital

The abovementioned misleading information has made many partners confused, as well as loyal customers of FV Hospital and the media stirred. Questions have subsequently been raised about the hospital’s legal status as well as the official owner of FV Hospital. To fully answer the above questions, FV Hospital would like to publish the following official information:

  • Legal name: Far East Medical Vietnam Limited – a 100% foreign owned company with 10 French founders (9 doctors and 1 lawyer who shared the vision of bringing world class healthcare into Vietnam) founded in 2001.
  • Viet-Phap Hospital (English name being Franco-Vietnamese Hospital) is the first investment project of Far East Medical Vietnam Limited in Vietnam. This is the official name on the Investment Certificate. The hospital began operations in 2003 with a capital investment of 44 million USD.
  • “FV Hospital” is a trademark of Franco-Vietnamese Hospital, being trademarked with the Department of Intellectual Property and recognized by the authorities.
  • Address: 6 Nguyen Luong Bang, Tan Phu Ward, New Urban South City, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Legal Representative, CEO, Chairman of the Board of Members: Dr Jean-Marcel Guillon.
  • In 2017, Quadria Investment Fund, Asia’s leading private healthcare investor, became a strategic partner of FV Hospital.
  • With more than 1,000 employees, nearly 150 doctors and more than 200 nurses and technicians, FV Hospital provides health care services in over 30 specialities to more than 220,000 patients, both local and foreign, each year.

Above is information given by the said individual’s Facebook account which states that they work for MPDF / IFC

The Facebook account owner shared that she worked for MPDF/IFC and that she was the project leader for raising finance to build the hospital (as shown in the capture above). At the time the information was discovered, representatives of FV Hospital immediately contacted IFC Vietnam, sending both name and images of the person who owns the Facebook account to representatives of IFC to verify the information.

Below is the response from the representatives of IFC: “MPDF was created by IFC to help small and medium enterprises, hospitals are not in the list of small and medium enterprises. The individual mentioned did work for MPDF, but just for a short time and her role was not related to any investment project of IFC”.

Through this response, it can be confirmed that this individual is not, nor was, related to the project of FV Hospital (or Viet-Phap Hospital, the name on the license), directly under the Far East Medical Vietnam Limited which was founded by Dr Jean-Marcel Guillon and his 9 partners.

Concerning additional information regarding the mobilized capital at the time of its establishment, in addition to the amount contributed by investors (charter capital), the FV Hospital project also received support from many large financial institutions. These included IFC, ADB (The Asian Development Bank), Proparco Bank (French) and BIDV (Joint stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Viet Nam).

We would like to thank our customers and partners for their trust during the past years. FV Hospital is committed to carrying out its mission to become the leading healthcare provider in Asia, ensuring exceptional international standards, to offer the reliable healthcare to the Vietnamese community.

The law of the Vietnamese government prohibits fraudulent legal information. Any information deemed fake affecting the reputation and the image of FV Hospital will be reported by our lawyers and handled by the authorities in accordance with the law.

Best regards,

Dr Jean-Marcel Guillon

Legal Representative and Chief Executive Officer

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