FV Hospital Commemorates 21 Years of Care and Service by Debuting the Short Film, Never See You Again

FV Hospital commemorates the 21st anniversary (April 11, 2003 – April 11, 2024) with the premiere of a short film titled “Never See You Again” – a surprise and emotional gift to honor the FV medical team and staff.

This beautiful artwork is a collaboration between FV Hospital and screenwriter Nguyen Thanh Binh, who also wrote the film “Mai.”

“Never See You Again” is FV’s first short film and Nguyen Thanh Binh’s directorial debut.

A scene from the short film “Never See You Again”

In the language of cinema, the film takes viewers on a psychological journey through the adversity faced by a dancer who loses her job, is betrayed by her lover, and then suffers a severe accident resulting in broken arms and legs. With profound physical and emotional wounds, she spirals into a state of despair, no longer wanting to continue her life. However, she is ultimately healed completely by the compassionate care, akin to familial love, provided by the healthcare team, portrayed through the image of a dedicated nurse.

The dancer actress is in despair due to a traffic accident that puts her at risk of permanently parting ways with her passion.

Through care, compassion, and understanding, nurse Hien uplifts Xuan’s spirits.

Nurse Hien’s calm demeanour, sweet bedside manner attitude, steadfast dedication to care, and subtle, kind smiles significantly shift Xuan’s mindset. From despair and outright rejection of any care to a gradual awakening and acceptance of the harsh reality of losing her passion for ballet permanently, Xuan decides to embrace life once more

Despite Xuan’s initial resistance (portrayed by actress Ngoc Xuan), Nurse Hien (portrayed by artist Ai Nhu) continues to provide attentive care to the young woman as if she were family. Overtime, Nurse Hien’s sincerity and empathy help Xuan transform, motivating her to actively engage in treatment and regain optimism towards life.

Xuan experiences physical and mental recovery, thanks to the care, attention, and understanding of her dedicated female nurse.

This is the first time FV has invested in creating a short film with a strong cinematic quality, departing from the typical brand communication approach. Ms Nguyen Thi Le Thu, Marketing and Business Development Director at FV Hospital, shares: “The film ‘Never See You Again’ is inspired by true stories at FV Hospital, where the attentive, familial care provided by the medical team to patients at FV is hard to describe or put into words, yet it has been faithfully portrayed by director Nguyen Thanh Binh and the cast.

“I have watched the film multiple times from the filming stage through post-production to release, and my emotions remain intact as if it were my first viewing. I am grateful to the team behind this film for creating a priceless piece of art that serves as a tribute from FV Hospital to the FV Family. Let us all join FV in honouring all healthcare professionals for their dedicated efforts in providing comprehensive care and treatment to patients.”

Ms Le Thu converses with artist Ai Nhu.

Ms Le Thu explains that the short film “Never See You Again” represents a unique, different approach from FV’s previous communication campaigns over the past 20 years. “Never See You Again” is a phrase commonly used by FV’s medical team in a natural, caring manner when bidding farewell to a discharged patient, implying wishes for the patient’s ongoing health and well-being. Ms Le Thu believes that this message will help FV and its patients convey to the community that they should trust in FV and its medical team, allowing them to take care of you with strong faith in the healing power of medicine and compassion.

The film crew at the premiere of the short film “Never See You Again”

Director Nguyen Thanh Binh, from Bot Creative HUB, highly appreciates FV’s trust in him and his team in making his directorial debut. He shares his emotions:

“If someone finds healing while watching this film, the team would be delighted. My ultimate goal was to tell the most authentic story possible. Ms Le Thu, the project’s production director, constantly emphasised the word ‘life.’ She kept reminding us that cinema is to mirror life because life itself is already beautiful, so ‘how can it be any different on screen?’

“Screenwriter Quang Misen trialled dramatic details with bold twists, but ultimately, we removed all of them. As Ms Le Thu said, ‘In real life, it doesn’t happen like that.’ When I look back at our film, I feel it’s very close to a documentary because what artist Ai Nhu portrays on screen is a re-enactment of real-life nurse Hien, who works at FV.

“I hope the doctors and staff of FV Hospital will feel proud of their work environment, seeing that what they do every day has been recreated on screen.”

The short film “Never See You Again” evokes special emotions in its viewers.

A large number of FV Hospital staff members attend the premiere of the short film.

Artist Ai Nhu portrays the character of Nurse Hien.

That’s a wrap! The film crew pose after shooting the final scenes of “Never See You Again” at FV Hospital.

Director Nguyen Thanh Binh further shares that working with artist Ai Nhu, in the role of Nurse Hien, was a great blessing for him. Artist Ai Nhu expressed her fondness for the story, her belief in the character of Nurse Hien, and she almost instantly immersed herself into the character.

Not only did she perfectly embody the role, but she also ignited passion in lead actors Ngoc Xuan and Viet Hung and their supporting actors. “The amazing thing is that Ai Nhu and the real-life Nurse Hien’s look very alike—it’s uncanny. During filming at FV, Nurse Hien visited the film crew, and I almost mistook her for Ai Nhu,” Director Nguyen Thanh Binh recounted.

Artist Ai Nhu and nurse Hien from FV Hospital at the premiere of the short film “Never See You Again”

You can enjoy “Never See You Again” and help spread this emotion, cinematic short film on FV Hospital’s YouTube/Facebook channels.

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