Five-star facilities assist FV Hospital in accomplishing JCI accreditation

In 2023, FV won a gold seal from Joint Commission International (JCI) for the third consecutive year due to the Hospital’s safe management and maintenance processes.

JCI accreditation, the Gold Seal in healthcare quality, has been conferred upon FV for the third consecutive time.

JCI ranks among the world’s most prestigious organisations for international-standard medical quality assessment and accreditation. Recently, FV Hospital has received the JCI Gold Seal for the third time in a row, scoring an impressive 98 per cent after being assessed by nearly 1,200 criteria. FV was highly commended by the expert JCI team for its comfortable, modern facilities and top-tier patient safety standards, delivered in accordance with FV’s philosophy of “patient-centric service”. 

FV Hospital operates under strictly controlled operating systems

Mr Monojit Mitra, FV’s Facility and Biomedical Director, explains that the hospital’s facility development focuses on creating a safe, clean, comfortable and convenient environment for patients. Facilities receive regular investment, and are carefully managed, operated and maintained to exacting detail, ensuring a safe, internal-standard medical care environment. This commitment to quality encompasses attention to natural light, optimal temperatures, humidity control and infection control.

FV offers luxurious facilities for the comfort of its customers.

FV Hospital is built and operated to the highest international standards described by multiple, highly respected U.S.-based organisations, including the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Emergency Care Research Institute (ECRI), and Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI). All activities such as building maintenance, utility systems, purchasing, installation and calibration of medical equipment, are closely monitored in accordance with approved guidelines. Mr Mitra adds that FV Hospital’s Facility and Biomedical Department complies with strict technical control measures for electrical systems, air conditioning, water and waste management systems.

Systems are scheduled for periodic assessment and equipment maintenance is carried out regularly. This protocol includes proactive technique testing and operational functions testing; operation inspection in compliance with safety and quality standards; equipment maintenance to reduce the probability of damage or deterioration of equipment, components or spare parts, as recommended by the manufacturer; and immediate repair after detecting an error, ensuring the equipment continues to operate safely, as designed.

“All machines are carefully maintained to be in impeccable working condition, and the downtime of each device does not exceed five per cent of its total usage. This careful maintenance schedule ensures equipment is always operational to optimal performance levels,” adds Mr Mitra.

Constant investment in modern equipment ensures effective patient treatment

After nearly 20 years of operation, FV’s facilities and medical equipment are always like new and in excellent working condition. FV is committed to making continuous investment in new technologies and equipment, and constantly building and expanding to improve its quality of care and patient capacity.

One of FV’s most recent improvements is its modern linear accelerator radiation therapy and ancillary accessories, which together account for a total investment of over USD 3 million. While less costly equipment is available on the market, FV invested in this equipment due to its outstanding advantages in cancer radiotherapy. In the past, Vietnamese patients who wanted or needed to be treated with this accelerator had to travel to Singapore or another country which offered high quality medical standards. The cost for travelling for medical treatment is extremely high, as the patient has to pay for flights, accommodations and other expenses in addition to the typically higher cost of care. FV’s investment strategy is in keeping with the Hospital’s goal to help everyone in Vietnam to access high-quality healthcare at the most economical cost.

Recently, FV Hospital also established an international-standard cardiovascular intervention laboratory and care centre, known as a Cathlab, with a total investment of more than USD 1.6 million. FV’s Cathlab incorporates a comprehensive system of modern machinery and tools that together comprise effective assistants for doctors seeking to urgently diagnose and treat dangerous diseases, such as blood vessel blockages, aneurysm, myocardial infarction, mitral valve regurgitation, and diseases related to the vascular system.

FV’s multi-functional Cathlab received millions of US dollars of investment to offer the best patient care possible

In addition to investing in modern equipment, FV has also invested in its team of highly specialised technical staff, from biomedical engineers to physical engineers and technicians, all of whom execute their responsibilities according to strict management and operation procedures. Every year, FV cooperates with universities such as VNU-International University to provide training for students majoring in biomedical engineering.

Supported by modern facilities and equipment, FV doctors confidently apply many breakthrough techniques to save and treat patients every day.

In a letter congratulating FV on winning JCI’s Gold Seal for the third consecutive time, the JCI representative wrote: “The citizens of Vietnam should be proud that your organisation is focusing on this most challenging goal–to continuously elevate quality and patient safety.”

Letter from JCI to FV congratulating the hospital on winning the JCI Gold Seal for the third time in a row