Fuel More Source of Faith for Millions of Cancer Patients

There are many ways a person can face adversity in life. There are also many directions and emotions of a patient, after listening to a doctor give a diagnosis of cancer. Whether that disease is the end of a person’s life or not, perhaps depends on the way they choose and how they feel facing it.

Every year, on the first Sunday of June, millions of cancer patients around the world are honoured on “Cancer Survivors Day” because of their choices. They chose resilience, they chose to fight, they chose hope ; and they returned from victory with life and happiness for their loved ones.

“Cancer Survivors Day”, also known as the day honoring “C Warriors”, has inspired thousands of cancer patients over the years, helping to maintain courage and resilience in the world. The “C Warriors” are testament to the belief that after someone is diagnosed with cancer, their life still has to go on and they have the right to choose to fight to find a more fulfilling life.

FV Hospital has celebrated “Cancer Survivors Day” for many years, with the desire to help cancer patients see that, on this rocky road, they are not alone. At the end of the journey, even if there is not an absolute victory, with the courage of the person who aspires to overcome the disease, that journey will certainly be a miracle.

Please share the message to give more faith in life to millions of cancer patients on the “K Warriors” day!

On this day, you can also share and encourage the brave K warriors to give them more faith and hope by sharing this post on your wall or changing your profile picture with the following message:

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