FV Applies Laser Technology To Treat Glaucoma

FV Hospital is now applying the latest generation, US FDA-approved micropulse laser technology in glaucoma treatment to help more patients retain their sight and optimise control of the illness. FV Hospital is the first hospital in Ho Chi Minh city to offer this technology to improve treatment efficacy and reduce the rate of recurrence; this treatment method also costs less than its predecessors.

Glaucoma is the second most common cause of vision loss in Asia, after cataracts. However, vision loss due to glaucoma can be prevented with early treatment and management. Causes of glaucoma have not yet been clearly determined, however it is associated with increased pressure increase in the eyes and reduced blood circulation to the optic nerve due to intraocular or congenital injury. Current glaucoma treatments include eye drops, oral intake of medicines and laser or surgery, all of which help reduce intraocular pressure to a safe level.

FV laser treatment technology works by targeting the micropulse laser beam on the discharge of the glaucoma, reducing and stabilising the flow of fluid, helping it to drain more quickly, lowering the pressure inside the eye. This method has many advantages: it’s non-invasive, reduces the rate of recurrence, lowers the need for drug treatment, and costs less than invasive surgery. The duration of the procedure is around 15 to 20 minutes and the patient can be discharged immediately after treatment.

The goal of laser treatment of glaucoma is to retain vision and improve the patient’s quality of life. Damage from glaucoma cannot be repaired, so early diagnosis and treatment is highly important. If you experience one of the following symptoms, please go to a specialist hospital for examination and treatment:

  • Difficulty adjusting to dark rooms
  • Difficulty focusing on near or distant objects
  • Squinting or blinking due to unusual sensitivity to light or glare
  • Light sensitivity
  • Changes in the colour of the iris, or swollen, red eyes
  • Recurrent pain inside the eyes
  • A dark spot at the center of your vision
  • Lines and edges appear distorted or wavy
  • Excess tearing or “watery eyes”; dry or itchy eyes

More severe symptoms include sudden loss of vision in one eye, sudden blurred vision, seeing blinding lights or black spots and seeing a rainbow or halos around lights.

Regularly check your eyes once or twice a year to detect signs of glaucoma and other eye diseases.

FV Hospital offers modern facilities equipped with the latest technologies staffed by a team of experienced doctors to offer international-standard care. By launching micropulse laser technology for glaucoma treatment, FVH is proud to offer patients more options for treatment.

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