FV applies Shockwave Therapy in the treatment of Musculoskeletal diseases

Shockwave technology is extremely beneficial as it relieves pain quickly and effectively for patients with musculoskeletal conditions, while also limiting (or not requiring) the need for medicine or surgical treatment.

Musculoskeletal diseases cause physiological dysfunction of the skeletal muscles with early mild symptoms, such as pain and numbness. If not treated, it can lead to severe dysfunctions, which include spasticity, muscle weakness, limited movement, or even disability. The disease is common among sports players, people who are active, older people, and office staff. Musculoskeletal disorders can directly affect the patient’s quality of life and hinder their daily activities. Therefore, if you suffer from an injury or if your limbs show signs of pain and numbness, you should seek an examination from a doctor at an early stage to limit complications and long-term damage.

FV Hospital’s Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation is fitted with Radial Extracorporeal Shockwave equipment which supports the rehabilitation process and the treatment of sports and orthopaedic injuries.

This equipment is versatile, using shockwaves to create high-energy sound waves that affect hurting points and damaged soft tissue, thereby accelerating the healing process of some chronic, pre-chronic or semi-acute musculoskeletal disorders. This treatment method improves the blood microvascular system, promotes metabolism, reduces pain and decomposes calcium deposits on tendons.

Shockwave possesses a number of outstanding features. Not only is it quick at reducing pain, but it is also an effective treatment method, being non-invasive, patients do not need to have medicine or undergo surgery. The treatment lasts only 5 – 10 minutes per session, each session is between 5 – 14 days apart and the treatment process lasts 3-5 sessions on average. This method is suitable for patients suffering from diseases such as shoulder calcific tendinitis, Achille tendinitis, tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, trigger point pain, patellar tendinitis, and greater trochanteric bursitis, among others.

For patients who are in the rehabilitation process, shockwave therapy can be combined with techniques of massage, osteopathy, and muscle tendon stretching to get the best results. The patient needs to undergo a physical examination, MRI test, CT scan or ultrasound test to be diagnosed and have their contraindications reviewed by doctors before being sent to FV Hospital’s Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation.

In particular, in cases where patients are suffering from acute diseases, infections, coagulopathy, those who are using anticoagulant medicines; those who have undergone abdominal, lungs, cardiac, spine and brain surgery; cancer patients, and pregnant women; it is compulsory that they should receive clearance from a specialist before undergoing shockwave therapy.

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