FV celebrated the 2021 International Nurse Day in a Cozy and Content Atmosphere

On 12th May 2021, the celebration program for 2021 International Nurse Day took place in the hospital auditorium.  This day is also the birthday of Ms Florence Nightingale (1820 – 1910), who is the founder of the modern nursing industry. Stories and memories were recalled, beautiful moments were recorded. All to acknowledge and honour the contribution of the nurses, midwives and technicians working at FV.

Following 2020, The International Council of Nurses – ICD kept the theme “Nurses: A Voice to Lead” in this year. With the addition of a sub-theme with the name “A Vision for Future Healthcare” that will be the direction for development in the nursing industry as well as healthcare facilities. Ms Lee Poh Lian (Nursing Director – FV Hospital) shared at the ceremony: “This year’s topics raise a challenge for the nursing industry. But such challenges will help the nursing profession make progress in the upcoming phases.”

The representative of FV Hospital, Ms Pham Thi Thanh Mai – Chief Operating Officer emoted: “FV is proud of you, and you should be proud of your work as well. Many patients told me about the kindness, attentiveness and likability of FV nurses. We thank you very much”. The contributions from the Nursing teams have shown many beautiful examples for FV over the years, especially in the fight against Covid-19 recently.

Through the celebration, the teams emphasised in their presentations the future healthcare issues and the role of the nursing industry. Key messages, such as providing current treatment services, providing knowledge to patients, infection control issues and bringing new perspectives for the nursing teams working at FV.

Ms Lee Poh Lian hopes that through the peak time of the Covid-19 epidemic, all the nurses will continue to maintain their core values ​​of integrity, autonomy in work, and social justice (protect the patient and put compassion into work).

Florence Nightingale, the founder of the modern nursing industry, once said: “If a nurse declines to do these kinds of things for her patient, ‘because it is not her business, I should say that nursing was not her calling.” The work of caring, helping, talking, and guiding the patient requires not only well-trained skills and the ultimate generosity and kindness to do the job well; they must maintain the excitement with their profession. We wish, nurses, midwives and technicians much health and happiness to be the important bridge to make the patient care process work.

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