FV Celebrates Doctors A Happy Vietnam Doctor’s Day!

At noon on the 27th February, 2024, a small gathering was held in the terrace area of FV Hospital to commemorate the 69th anniversary of Vietnam Doctor’s Day. The celebration featured a number of fascinating presentations that demonstrated the medical team’s strong dedication to enhancing the standard of healthcare and their perspective of advancement.

Dr Jean-Marcel Guillon, CEO of FV Hospital, gave a speech to commence the ceremony. He expressed his gratitude to the medical staff and doctors for their tireless efforts, “I feel very proud when every day I receive so many compliments from patients for the positive results that the FV team has achieved for them. That offers our work an extremely distinctive meaning.”

According to Dr Jean-Marcel Guillon, FV will keep creating cutting-edge therapeutic methods

In addition, Dr Guillon highlighted notable examples and achievements in the use of contemporary methods like TAVI (Transcatheter aortic valve implantation) and TBI (Total Body Irradiation), etc. that underlined FV’s dedication to offering modern, scientific treatment techniques and top-notch medical services in Vietnam.

Dr Basma M’Barek, the head of the Hy Vong Cancer Treatment Centre, then expressed her gratitude to her peers for having faith in her to propose her for the position of Chairman of the Medical Advisory Board for the 2023 – 2025 term. Dr Basma highlighted: “Meetings and conversations among doctors have intensified thanks to the Medical Office’s assistance. I’m hoping that a large number of doctors will speak up in the future to strengthen the medical community at FV.” Furthermore, with the companionship of Thomson Medical Group, Dr Basma anticipates that future programmes will receive even more substantial backing.

Dr Basma is extremely proud on this specific occasion, which honours Vietnamese doctors.

Representative from ACC clinic, Dr Rob Sleiman, Executive Director and Medical Director of ACC, shared his experiences in the United Arab Emirates, where he saw first-hand the advantages of connectivity between doctors, hospitals, and clinics. “In Vietnam, I see that this connection and cooperation is even stronger and I hope that in 2024 it will become even more powerful”.

The Vietnamese medical community is known for its strong medical cooperation from Dr Rob Sleiman’s view point. 

In sharing at the end of the programme, Quality Management Director cum Head of Pharmacy, Mr Mohd Fazli Shuib, congratulated all doctors serving in Vietnam during his closing remarks. “FV is dedicated to practicing evidence-based medicine and providing the best clinical outcomes for patients.” Mr Fazli reaffirmed, “I consider myself fortunate and happy to work with such esteemed people”. He also stated that high-quality healthcare comes from the harmony between strategic investment, wise leadership, and skilled medical professionals. Currently, FV possesses all these factors.

Intimate luncheon space at FV Hospital terrace

The Vietnamese Doctor’s Day gratitude ceremony, held at FV to commemorate its 69th anniversary, concluded in a joyous atmosphere and yielded a wealth of promising information. FV Hospital wishes that this special event, which not many countries have, that medical professionals in Vietnam—especially those at FV—will never lose their passion for what they do, dedication to their work, and their commitment to bettering the lives of Vietnamese citizens.