FV Congratulates ‘Medical Laboratory Professionals Week 2024’

On the afternoon of 16th April, 2024, FV Hospital organised a special event to honour the Laboratory & Blood Bank Department, on the occasion of the Medical Laboratory Professionals Week, which is taking place worldwide from 14th – 20th April, 2024. This is the 4th time the event has been held at FV and marks the 49th anniversary globally.

The ceremony was attended by members of the FV Hospital Board of Directors, several partners and over 30 staff members of the Laboratory & Blood Bank Department.

Opening the ceremony, Dr Do Trong Khanh (Medical Director), expressed gratitude and encouragement to all laboratory staff, a young team with extensive experience at FV. “The laboratory plays a critical role for doctors. Personally, I am delighted to work with a team that has never been “complained” about by anyone”, Dr Khanh shared joyfully and extended his best wishes to all laboratory staff, hoping that Laboratory & Blood Bank Department will continue to develop and succeed as it has done in the past.

Doctor Khanh highly evaluates the role of laboratory staff in the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses.

In his speech, Mr Friend Maviza (Head of the Laboratory & Blood Bank Department) emphasised, “Despite continuous changes, your flexibility and adaptability have brought the necessary stability for the development of the laboratory.” Mr Friend also commended the efforts of the staff in relieve tensions, resolving conflicts, and focusing on unity, which contributes to a dedicated approach in providing patient care.

Mr Friend expressed heartfelt gratitude to his long-standing colleagues.

In the joyful atmosphere of the ceremony, Ms Nguyen Thuy Loan Chi, another member of the Laboratory & Blood Bank Department, once again emphasised the crucial role of colleagues working in laboratories worldwide. “Our job can be considered as the silent contributors behind the success of treatment,” Dr Chi shared. She was also impressed by this year’s event theme – “The Lab is everything – The forefront of saving lives” – and hoped that awareness of the importance of laboratories would be further elevated within the community.

Doctor Loan Chi takes pride in her and her colleagues’ meaningful work.

Finally, a representative from the partners of the Laboratory & Blood Bank Department also attended the event to share about the “challenging” journey they have had alongside FV’s laboratory. The partners also expressed hope for a further collaboration with FV, as well as with the Laboratory & Blood Bank Department in the future.

The partner organizations consistently hold the spirit of work at the Laboratory & Blood Bank Department in high regard.

Earlier, Mr. Friend Maviza shared some future development plans for the Laboratory & Blood Bank Department. Notably, the department is undergoing reforms to transition from manual testing models (in some stages) to full automation. If this model is widely implemented in the future, it promises to increase analytical efficiency, reduce waiting times for patients, and also deliver higher accuracy results due to better control of the testing process.

FV Hospital hopes that the Medical Laboratory Professionals Week event will be expanded in the coming years to enhance community awareness of the crucial role of laboratory professionals in diagnosis and treatment. FV also extends its heartfelt congratulations and gratitude to all colleagues working in the field of medical laboratory testing, wishing them good health and joy in their meaningful work.

The Medical Laboratory Professionals Week (MLPW) event takes place during the last week of April each year. The event was first organized in 1975, initiated by the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science (ASCLS).

This event aims to honour medical laboratory professionals and pathologists, who play a crucial role in healthcare for patients worldwide. This year, there is a slight change from the usual, as the event is held from 14th to 20th April.

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