FV F&B Department – Bringing 5-Star Standards to Hospital Cuisine

The F&B services at FV, under the guidance of 5-star chef Sakal Phoeung and his team of experienced staff in the hospitality and catering industry, have undertaken many significant improvements. These changes not only meet the nutritional needs but also provide complete dining experiences for everyone.

There is a proverb that says “gilding the lily,” or more simply it means, “first, having food is heaven”, emphasising the importance and necessity of food. Especially in the field of health care, serving meals to patients is not merely about ensuring nutrition and food safety; it is also about helping patients stimulate their taste and fostering a greater interest in meals. This is crucial in situations where the body requires a balance of “having enough food and rest” and aiding a speedy recovery.

Providing Meals for Hospitalised Patients: Nutritious, Safe, and Delicious

Since the renovation of the Ward Management, Ms Ngo Thi Thuy (Pantry Team Leader) has noted outstanding improvements in food service for inpatients. “From refreshing the menu to changing the ingredient preparation process and implementing a more friendly service, our goal is to provide maximum support for patients’ treatment, shared Ms. Thuy.

Pantry staff are on shift providing meals at the Surgical Ward.

Currently, menus for inpatient wards are increasingly diverse, and are tailored to each patient’s dietary requirements and nutritional needs as advised by the doctor. This represents a substantial improvement that required considerable effort. The coordination between the Kitchen, the Pantry, and the Nutrition & Dietetics Department, provided a source of “restorative energy,” ensuring that patients not only receive nutritious meals but also enjoy them.

For a more in-depth understanding, Ms Tran Le Thuy An (Foodservice Dietician – Nutrition & Dietetics Department) explained that the food preparation process for patients at FV is monitored by a closed, strict system, addressing ingredients, preparation, plating, sampling and serving at the bedside. Specific aspects such as processing operations and records are checked daily. Ms. Thuy An added “Important issues or suggestions from patients and staff are continuously discussed in the team, including the Head of the Nutrition Department and the managers of the F&B Department, for a prompt resolution.

Meals for Inpatients: Beyond Nutrition, Ensuring Safety and Aesthetics

Moreover, systemic errors from previous services have been addressed. Observing a meal for patients at FV today, one will no longer see the use of plastic wrap. Instead, objects used to store and protect food are made of ceramic. This change is a win on many points as not only enhanced the aesthetics but also ensures food safety and hygiene, maintains the flavor and temperature of meals, and contributes to environmental sustainability.

FV, as a hospital emphasising friendliness, and ensures that during patient care, nurses and nursing assistants understand the nutritional needs of patients, how to quantify them, and in what form to serve them. Additionally, they will also inquire other factors such as patients’ preferences, religion, and culinary culture. This information is then passed to the Ward Management to tailor meals for the patient. Through this collaborative process, involving multiple departments, continuous operation, and improvement, has resulted in nutritious meals that meet high-service standards and maintain a sense of friendliness.

Emphasis on Dining Space

For our dining spaces, addition to food, service, and pricing, the dining room significantly influences the diners’ experience. Over the past year, FV Hospital has invested considerable resources to enhance and provide a more comfortable, convenient, and luxurious bistro for everyone.

FV Bistro underwent recent renovations and innovations.

Unlike serving meals for inpatients, FV Bistro and Café de Paris cater to a more diverse customer base that includes patients, caregivers, hospital visitors, and a substantial portion of FV employees. The changes in space, layout, and service processes at FV Bistro are noticeable and the F&B Department continuously adapts to new changes to ensure greater satisfaction for diners.

Ms Thanh Phuong is discussing about FV Bistro needs with the Building Maintenance Department.

While FV Bistro has undergone three small renovations in the past year, Café de Paris is about to undergo its first large-scale renovation after many years of waiting. Ms Vo Thi Thanh Phuong (F&B Manager) commented: “New changes in culinary spaces will certainly bring diners a better experience, while creating a more comfortable atmosphere for everyone when they come to FV.” Hopefully, after the renovation this October, customers at Café de Paris will be able to enjoy the quintessential “lobby bar” style, popular in 5-star hotels around the world.

Perspective of Café de Paris new design

To increase the convenience level for people when they “want to have some snacks but not wanting to go far,” the F&B Department has taken advantage of various waiting rooms to deploy vending machines. Currently, this system has six machines, including machines selling drinks and packaged snacks. The number of machines and locations can also be changed to best suit the needs of the majority of users.

A modern vending machine system has just been deployed recently

Changes in FV’s cuisine, whether big or small, do not simply come from a unilateral decision and immediate implementation. There is a process that requires the patience of many people, gradually progressing to perfection. The culinary services at the hospital have listened to feedback from patients and diners and through heir capabilities have gradually and continually improve. That is the core of upgrading service quality.

Eating is a natural demand and one of the most engaging human experiences. Therefore, in the search to provide new experiences, and a delicious meal for our variety of diners, FV Hospital will not stop and will continue to innovate and search to improve its culinary services to always provide more and more outstanding in quality.

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