FV Hospital applies Paxman scalp-cooling technology to help reduce hair loss in chemotherapy patients

The fight against cancer can often consume the daily lives of patients and their families. This disease, along with the side-effect of treatment – such as dramatic hair loss – seriously affects both the physical and mental health of everybody concerned.

FV Hospital is the first hospital in Ho Chi Minh City to implement the use of the Paxman scalp-cooling system in cancer treatment. Recognised as the leading product for the prevention of hair loss during cancer therapy, the Paxman system helps patients to retain confidence in their look, ultimately enhancing treatment.

The Paxman system is applied for a short time simultaneously during chemotherapy, lowering the temperature of the scalp immediately before, during and after chemotherapy treatment is applied. Chilling the blood vessels in the scalp makes them contract, reducing the amount of blood – and therefore, the chemicals being transported – to the follicle by 20 percent to 40 percent, preventing or minimising damage to hair.

Paxman machines have been tested and developed for over 25 years to bring a high rate of clinical effectiveness, safety and comfort for every patient. The system can be used in the treatment of a wide variety of cancers, and with the most common chemotherapy regimens.

At FV Hospital, we support all patients in their fight against cancer, which includes helping them to maintain their confidence and ability to enjoy life.

In order to recover quickly, being hopeful and optimistic is a must!