FV Hospital celebrates Hand Hygiene Day 5/5/2023

In 2023, the World Hand Hygiene Day, once again, creates an opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of hand hygiene in medical treatment and ensuring health for all.

With the theme “Accelerate action together. SAVE LIVES – Clean your hands”, the World Health Organization (WHO) considers this year an important for countries around the world to accelerate the implementation of lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic and mobilise investment to finalise infection control plan (IPC). Among those, WHO emphasises on hand hygiene.

Hand hygiene is one of the important measures to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. It is crucial to do it in the right way and at the right time, especially when providing medical services. WHO believes that managing hand hygiene is an effective investment that bring outstanding benefits to hospitals. Maintaining cleanliness as part of medical services is valuable to patients and to the safety of everyone working in the field.

In addition to asking all stakeholders to participate in the powerful hand hygiene campaign, this year WHO specially emphasised on having civil society organisations (CSOs) at the heart of the campaign. Through their passion, strong values and social mission, CSOs often standing side by side with the community, CSOs can take the lead and help promote awareness of “hand hygiene” locally, nationally and globally.

For many years, FV Hospital and other medical facilities have always responded to World Hand Hygiene Day, promoting effective hand hygiene practice and making a positive contribution to health and safety in the Vietnamese community. For FV, hand hygiene is not only a simple act, but also a shared responsibility of all staff to protect the health of patients and themselves.

In line with this year’s theme, “Accelerate action together. SAVE LIVES – clean your hands”, FV Hospital continues its commitment to maintaining effective measures to help ensure hand hygiene. The goal is also to bring the highest safety levels for patients and promote infection prevention, together with health awareness for the neighbourhood.


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