FV Hospital Celebrates the 2023 World Pharmacists Day – Pharmacy Strengthening Health Systems

On the afternoon of 25th September, representing the Board of Directors, Ms Nguyen Thi Hien (Deputy Nursing Director) and Mr Mohd Fazli Shuib (Director of Quality Management cum Head of Pharmacy Department) came to congratulate all staff of the Pharmacy Department on the 13th anniversary of World Pharmacists Day. The congratulatory ceremony had the participation of more than 20 members working at the Pharmacy Department of FV Hospital.

This year’s International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) event theme is “Pharmacy strengthening health system”. The FIP wants to emphasise the important relationship between pharmacy and health systems. The theme also highlights the role of pharmacy staff, especially pharmacists who maintain and improve the efficiency of the health systems, thus bring benefits to the community and patients.

Many members of the Pharmacy Department attended the celebration

On behalf of the Board of Directors, Mr Mohd Fazli Shuib and Ms Nguyen Thi Hien offered their congratulations and thanked the team for their cooperation and enthusiasm of all members of the Pharmacy Department over the past year. Currently holding the position as the Head of the Pharmacy Department, Mr Fazli shared: “At FV, pharmacists are empowered, your knowledge and carefulness processing prescriptions has brought benefits to patients and effective support for doctors”. He also clarified that the pharmacy management at FV is not simply about giving the right medicine to patients, but is also linked to other services that the FV health system is providing.

Mr Fazli said the Pharmacy staff should be proud of themselves for doing meaningful work for the community

Representing the Pharmacy Department, Ms Pham Ngoc Xuan Son (Deputy Head of Pharmacy) sent her thanks to the Board of Directors and staff at FV for paying attention to the members of the Department. “I am always proud to work in a strong team. I think FV is a professional working environment that helps pharmacists develop their expertise and contribute to the development of the health system,” Ms Son said.

Ms Xuan Son is very happy to contribute with her good colleagues

On the 2023 World Pharmacists Day, FV Hospital would like to express our gratitude to pharmacists and medicinal scientists working in Vietnam and around the world. We also want to send special thanks to all staff working at the FV Pharmacy Department. Your contributions not only help ensure drug safety for patients, but also bring about a more comprehensive health care system at FV Hospital.

World Pharmacists Day was created on 25th September 2010 at the meeting of the International Pharmaceutical Federation Congress (FIP) in Istanbul, Turkey. The purpose is to encourage, promote and support the role of pharmacists in enhancing world health.

25th September is also the establishing day of the International Pharmaceutical Federation – the global body that  represent all pharmaceutical research scientists, pharmacists and other positions in the pharmaceutical field.

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