FV Hospital Celebrates Vietnamese Women’s Day by Organizing Beauty and Fashion Week

To celebrate Vietnamese Women’s Day on October 20th, FV held Beauty and Fashion Week between the 20th to the 23rd of October with the goal to help women learn better techniques to care for themselves, show off their beauty, and learn how style is a great way for them to build their confidence. The event attracted thousands of customers including patients, their relatives as well as doctors and staff of FV Hospital.

Many visitors took advantage of the unique items on offer at the Bazar de la Beauté

FV’s Beauty and Fashion Week held many exciting activities including Bazar de la Beauté, an all-day beauty fair which customers could purchase many famous brands in fashion, cosmetics, accessories, and more. In addition, FV Hospital also offered a discount of up to 30% for many products at both the FV Happy Shop and FV Optics. The fair was held each day from 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM at Indochine Lobby, Ground Floor, V Building. Many visitors took advantage of the opportunity to buy unique items and they also enjoyed the atmosphere created by a live pianist.

Numerous people who visited FV Hospital for examination also promptly bought themselves many items with great discounted prices. Some even shared that because of the exciting, bustling atmosphere, they forgot they were in the hospital.

In addition to the fair, there were many useful and exciting workshops held from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM every day in FV’s Auditorium. Workshop topics included: How to Choose the Right Scents, presented by Ms Rei Nguyen, Founder of Note and The Scent Lab perfume; How to Take Care of the Skin, which provided information on skincare, the ingredients of cosmetic products and the massage methods for detoxing as well as anti-aging for the skin, presented by Ms Anne Vũ, CEO Zenboté Organic Skincare; as well as two sessions focused on How to Choose Outfits to Create Your Own Style with Life and Style Coach, Ms Bui Viet Ha. From these workshops, women could create their own style, and get a better understanding regarding materials, colours, and styles to choose suitable clothes and accessories.

Ms Rei Nguyen, Founder of Note and The Scent Lab shared to everyone information on choosing scents
Ms Anne Vu, CEO of Zenboté Organic Skincare, advised participants on how to take care of the skin properly
Ms Bui Viet Ha, Life & Style Coach, helped participants to choose their own style as well as clothes.

With the mission to help FV’s women be charismatic and gracious every day, FV’s Beauty and Fashion Week ended with a lot of joy, excitement as well as knowledge of beauty products, approaches and techniques.