FV Hospital chooses to develop following international standards so that Vietnamese citizen do not need to go abroad for treatment

That is the judgment of the Department of Health of Ho Chi Minh City quality assessment and inspection team 2020, although there are some quality criteria of concern and improvement needs to be addressed by FV board of directors.

FV Hospital was established in March 2003, it was the first private hospital at Ho Chi Minh City that was approved by JCI (Joint Commission International) organisation. The hospital has more than 950 staff consisting of 178 Vietnamese doctors and 16 foreign doctors. FV Hospital provides healthcare services in more than 30 specialties with 230 inpatient beds. FV Hospital provides healthcare services for Vietnamese citizens as well as others from Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar.

FV Hospital has been accredited by JCI since 2016 and was re-evaluated the second time in Jan 2021 with the score of 99%. With that, FV Hospital remains accredited through the period 2019 – 2022. To achieve accreditation, FV Hospital had to pass the stringent evaluation of 14 chapters, 287 standards and 1200 criteria of the premier international organisation specialising in evaluating and accrediting the quality of hospitals “The Joint Commission International”. These international quality standards are comprehensive of all hospital patient care activities, from patient assessment, maintaining treatment records,  consultation, treatment and discharge.

The remarkable point is that FV Hospital has invested its resources in the way to encourage Vietnamese people to stay in Vietnam for treatment, where previously they would be going abroad. Eventually this attracted foreigners to the hospital. For example, Hy Vong Cancer Care Centre, the cancer treatment centre which has been operating more than 2 years. This centre provides the services of examination, diagnosis, staging and intervention (including surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy) all types of cancer treatment in one location. Supporting the cancer treatment, Hy Vong centre also provides services to minimise the side effects of the treatment process, maximise the effectiveness of treatment and ensures the patient recovery process is faster and easier with the support of nutritional consultation, psychological consultation, pain management and supportive care. The force behind Hy Vong Cancer Care Centre is HCG, a network of more than 20 hospitals specialising in cancer treatment in India and Africa. Supported by the investment and efforts that were enabled to achieve the JCI international quality accreditation. By achieving this quality standard, FV Hospital has been accepted by many international health insurance companies and has medical examination and treatment contracts for our patients who have private health insurance.

The numbers of foreigners who use FV Hospital for treatment are around 25%. In that, foreigners living and working in Ho Chi Minh City that use medical services at FV Hospital include Korean, Japanese, French, American, Canadian, while patients who travel to FV Hospital are mainly Cambodians.

To develop the Ho Chi Minh City medical sector to become a specialised medical centre in Southeast Asian countries,besides increasing investment in resources to develop specialised treatment techniques on a par with other countries in the region. An indispensable activity is the standardisation of hospital quality following international standards. That is a condition for international insurance companies sign the consultation and treatment contract with hospitals. Next is to develop medical tourism in a professional way, that requires the close coordination between the Medical and Tourism Sector with the active participation of general and specialised hospitals in Ho Chi Minh city without private or public discrimination.

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