FV Hospital continues the vaccination program to protect the community from COVID-19

In the past month (15th August 15th September), FV Hospital has continued to provide various COVID-19 vaccination programmes to help Ho Chi Minh City quickly achieve community immunity. This includes immunisation programmes for staff and their families, pregnant women, and patients having treatment at FV currently. FV also participated by volunteering in the community vaccination campaign with the Department of Health of Ho Chi Minh City. This program takes place at SECC, District 7. In addition, FV ran the vaccination program for the French community living in HCMC and the neighbourhood areas.

With the second vaccination programme for the French community that took place at the end of August, FV vaccinated nearly 4,000 French citizens and their families who live in the South of Vietnam. This community also included French citizens living in Vung Tau City. In addition, FV also provided an additional vaccination program, giving the first dose for nearly 300 French citizens in Ho Chi Minh City and more than 350 French citizens in Can Tho. All vaccines used in this program were delivered by the French Government, with the consent of the Vietnamese Government.

Meanwhile, injection teams of FV Saigon Clinic (FVC) have continued to serve as a voluntary vaccination point for the local community since last month. According to Ms Pham Ha Vy (FVC Manager), the amount of work in the past month fluctuated daily. It could be very busy sometimes, and other days it could be quiet. However, the clinic still maintains two injection teams, with sufficient human resources and equipment to support the campaign. Accordingly, at the District 7 SECC injection site, the teams have provided nearly 10,000 vaccinations, mainly as the second dose.

Starting in our participation in community vaccination campaigns from July 21, FV Hospital and FVC, have administered more than 50,500 injections, serving many serving various community groups living and working in HCMC. Previously, in the first vaccination campaign assigned by the Department of Health of Ho Chi Minh City at the end of June, FV provided 10,500 vaccinations. Up to now, every day, FV provides about 30 personnel including doctors, nurses, administrative, and logistics staff to serve different vaccination programmes.