FV hospital introduces a screening programme for the four most common cancers

Cancer develops quickly yet quietly and may lead to serious sequences for the patient’s health, quality of living and life. Cancer screening is a way of active prevention as it helps to diagnose and detect the signs of cancer in its earliest stages so that timely treatment can be provided. This increases the chance of treating cancer successfully.

On 1st March 2015, FV Hospital introduced a screening programme for four cancers with the highest incidence and among the leading causes of dealth in Vietnam and world-wide: colon cancer; breast cancer and cervical cancer in women; and prostate cancer in men.

Details of this programme are as follows:

  • Colon cancer screening: anyone aged 50 years or over should undergo this screening test regularly, which comprises a virtual colonoscopy or a consultation with gastroenterologist and haematologist before undergoing a colonoscopy under anaesthetic, depending on your level of risk.
  • Breast cancer screening: This screening is recommended for women aged 40 years including having a mammograph and a consultation with gynaecologist.
  • Prostate cancer screening: This screening is recommended for men over 50 years, including a PSA test, examination and consultation with a urologist and a prostate ultrasound through the rectum.
  • Cervical cancer screening: All women aged from 21 to 65 years should undergo screening regularly, including a consultation with a gynaecologist and a PAP smear test which tests vaginal cells for abnomalities.

To schedule an appointment for a screening test, please call (08) 54 11 33 33 or (08) 54 11 34 34 or schedule your appointment online.

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