FV hospital launches FV wellness check-up programme

To better address our clients’ need for comprehensive health check-ups, FV Hospital has designed a new wellness check-up programme that combines the latest scientific research and our professional expertise.

The FVH Wellness Check-up Programme is designed for busy professionals, businessmen and businesswomen, VIPs, politicians, celebrities and everybody that wishes to take advantage of world-class wellness care to stay at their absolute best. This programme is the most comprehensive of our check-up programmes and includes consultations with five doctors, a Doppler ultrasound of the carotid arteries, a CT scan of the whole body, HPV DNA testing for women, a complete cancer screening, and more.

The American Cancer Society recommends that men and women aged over 40 years should have a cancer-related health check-up every year; anyone aged over 20 should have a check-up every three years. For those with a family history of diseases such as cancer, heart problems, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes, regular check-ups are even more important and should be started earlier. We recommend that you talk to your doctor for specific advice.

In addition to traditional health check-up programmes, FV’s Wellness Check-up Programme offers more options and additional services to help you take better care of your health. This programme will enable you to detect any possible health conditions in their early stages and obtain timely treatment. Please click here for more information.

Which check-up programme is best for you?

FV Hospital’s Check-up Programmes are designed to provide you with personalised services which best fit your individual needs. To find out more about our health check-up programmes or to book an appointment, please call:

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