FV Hospital Offers a Free Screening Programme for Flat Feet in Children

Many people have flat feet: a condition in which the arch of the foot does not curve to form a hollow, causing the entire foot to touch the floor when standing. The arch of the foot plays a role in reducing pressure from the ground on the body. Children with flat feet, or collapsed arches, often experience an imbalance of the whole body. This condition typically leads to pain in many areas when moving, such as the ankles, knees, and waist. Children might have issues running and can easily fall as the feet are not flexible: the heels are crooked while the feet fall inward, causing the ankle joints to be impacted.

One of significant signs of flat feet disease

Flatfoot is a condition that appears in 60 to 70 per cent of children in Asia. The main causes of this condition are genetics, living conditions and habits, but the development of flat feet is often not recognised by parents. The consequences of flat feet will affect the child’s physical health, leading to potential risks of ankle arthritis, knee osteoarthritis or scoliosis; or leading to structural abnormalities in the big toe (proximal toe), heel spurs, and posterior heel pain.

In May 2022, FV Hospital implemented a free Flat Feet Screening Programme for all children visiting FV Paediatrics Department. This initiative helps to detect issues to ensure timely intervention so that children can continue to develop comprehensively and healthily. When visiting Paediatrics, nurses will measure a child’s feet and take pictures using specialised imaging equipment. Assessments take a few minutes and are entirely painless. Children with signs of flat feet will be directed to visit the ACC Clinic for advice and appropriate treatment for their age.

Specialised imaging equipment to measure and take pictures of the feet

Signs of flat feet include:

  • Children walk with V-shaped feet, heels together
  • Knee-joints are misaligned and tend to pinch inward
  • The ankle is rotated inward or outward
  • When standing, the feet do not exhibit a hollow at the instep, the feet completely touch the floor

According to doctors, the best period to treat children with flat feet using orthopaedic insoles is from three to seven years old. At this time, the foot bone structure is easier to shape, making the treatment more effective than intervening at an older age. However, even when patients are more than seven years old, children or even adults are encouraged to have orthopaedic insoles made to fit their feet to help improve their condition and prevent future issues with their knee and back joints.

For more information about screening for flat feet, please contact the Paediatrics Department of FV Hospital: (028) 5411 3333, ext. 1231, 1276, 1383, 1523 

ACC is a member of the FV Group and provides the following services: chiropractic, orthopaedic soles for flat feet, scoliosis treatment, prevention and treatment of sports injuries, manual therapy, physical therapy, and specialised rehabilitation including stroke and pulmonary rehabilitation. In addition to treating patients with no indications for medication or surgery, after merging into FV, ACC will complete the treatment service for patients within different specialties at FV, including Orthopaedics, Imaging, Neurosurgery, Paediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Cardiology, Osteoarthritis, Hy Vong Cancer Centre, and the Covid Treatment Department. In addition, patients who come to ACC for examination and treatment when indicated for medical treatment or surgical methods will be transferred to continue treatment at FV Hospital.

ACC operates following international quality standards. ACC is a modern facility staffed by a team of highly qualified doctors and technicians and equipped with the latest equipment. Now that ACC is merged with FV, we can offer patients the benefits of the expansion of the FV healthcare ecosystem. This merger enables us to better meet the diverse needs of patients, bringing them more choice within comprehensive, international-standard healthcare services.

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