FV Hospital officially announces ownership of the American Chiropractic Clinic (ACC)

On April 6, 2022, FV Hospital held a ceremony to officially announce it was taking ownership of the American Chiropractic Clinic (ACC). This is the first milestone in FV’s acquisition and merger chapter of the hospital’s ongoing development and long-term growth strategy. As part of the change, Dr Jean-Marcel Guillon, General Director of FV Hospital, assumes new responsibilities as President & Legal Representative of ACC.

Dr Jean-Marcel Guillon and Dr Wade Brackenbury jointly opened the new signboard of the ACC Clinics 

As a member of FV, ACC will further improve its medical examination and treatment services to give patients more treatment options and easier access to FV Hospital, helping more people to take advantage of FVH’s amenities and network.

ACC currently operates four clinics: two in Ho Chi Minh City, one in Hanoi and one in Da Nang City. Services offered by ACC include chiropractic, flat feet orthotics, treatment for scoliosis, sports injury prevention and treatment, manual therapy, physical therapy, and specialised rehabilitation, including stroke and pulmonary rehabilitation. After merging with FV, in addition to treating patients with no indications for medication or surgery, these services will complete the treatment service for FV patients referred by departments such as Orthopaedics, Imaging, Neurosurgery, Paediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Cardiology, The Bone & Joint Centre, Hy Vong Cancer Centre and Covid-19 treatment areas. Additionally, patients coming to ACC for examination and treatment will be transferred for further treatment at FV Hospital should they need medical or surgical treatment.

Speaking to the move to acquire 100 per cent of the ACC system, FV leaders said that the ACC clinic chain has many strategic advantages suited for FV’s expansion. In addition to its four extant clinics, ACC plans to expand its network in other provinces that show potential. ACC is fully equipped with modern facilities and equipment, and staffed by a team of highly qualified doctors and technicians who operate to international quality standards. Owning ACC is a strong addition and expansion of the FV healthcare ecosystem, and will allow FV to meet a greater diversity of patient care needs. This merger will provide people in Vietnam with more choices with regards to their medical treatment while benefitting from comprehensive care and an improved service experience.

“With the ambition to become Asia’s leading medical service provider, FV is building a strategy to develop into a corporation with a comprehensive, international-standard healthcare ecosystem. The acquisition and 100 percent ownership of the ACC clinic system is an important turning point in this process. ACC becoming a member of FV will help bring many benefits to patients,” said Dr Jean-Marcel Guillon, General Director of FV Hospital and new President of ACC.

A great handshake between two international standard medical service providers promises to bring many benefits and treatment options to the community. 

ACC was established in Vietnam in 2006 by American Doctor Wade Brackenbury with a team of dedicated associates, and was fitted with the latest equipment to meet the growing need for international-standard healthcare in Vietnam. ACC applies physical therapy methods and non-invasive technology to effectively treat patients with no indications for medication or surgery. ACC’s team is comprised exclusively of overseas doctors from the U.S., New Zealand, France and Korea, all specializing in Chiropractic.

Every year, the ACC clinic receives and successfully treats tens of thousands of patients with conditions related to herniated discs, spondylolisthesis, sciatica, low back pain, neck pain, back pain, flat feet and sports injuries.

Dr Wade Brackenbury, ACC’s Founder and Spokesperson, said: “Due to the strong foundation of modern facilities and the brand we have built for more than 15 years, ACC was the first chiropractic clinic licensed by the Ministry of Health. ACC wishes to continue to expand its high-quality treatment services, reaching more customers in many different areas of the country. This merger with FV will help ACC have more powerful resources to continue to scale.”

FV and ACC plan to expand and develop new treatment services for patients, including sports medicine, to serve an increasing number of sportspeople and athletes.

It can be affirmed that this strategic merging and acquisition event will help the community and patients to receive comprehensive, international-standard healthcare and access to an expanded suite of effective, appropriate treatment options.

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