FV Hospital participates in Career day at Hue university of medicine

On May 27th, represents from FV Hospital participated in Career Day at Hue University of Medicine, along with the staff of 29 other medical centres from around the country. On this occasion, FV Hospital’s representatives had a chance to meet with the University’s Board of Directors to discuss partnership and cooperation opportunities.

More than 500 Hue University of Medicine students visited recruitment booths seeking suitable post-graduation job opportunities. They were especially excited about the recruitment information shared by FV, largely due to the fact that the hospital has been accredited by JCI International and offers world-class facilities. Many students enquired about how they could apply for a position at FV. After the Career Day event, FV received nearly 150 applications from students.

Career Day is a bridge which connects hospitals and medical centres to talented students seeking employment and training to become Vietnam’s future top doctors.

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